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OLE Changes To Boost Midland Main Line Speeds

The title of this post is the same as that of an article in Issue 840 of Rail Magazine.

Currently, the overhead line equipment (OLE) between St. Pancras and Bedford is rated at 100 mph.

But the new OLE between Bedford and Corby via Kettering is going to be built to a standard that will allow 125 mph running.

The article goes on to say that to make the best use of  125 mph bi-mode trains, the possibility of upgrading the St. Pancras to Bedford electrification to the 125 mph standard.

This must give advantages.

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Thameslink Services Through Brockley

This post is a follow up to Thameslink’s 24tph Introduction Held Over To 2019, which I wrote yesterday, after doing a little bit of digging anf buying the printed copy of Rail Magazine.

When the full 24 trains per hour (tph) timetable is fully implemented the routing of Thameslink services through South London could be as in the provisional timetable in Wikipedia.

  • 1/2 – Bedford to Brighton – via London Bridge, East Croydon and Gatwick Airport
  • 3/4 – Bedford to Gatwick Airport – via London Bridge and East Croydon
  • 5/6 – Peterborough to Horsham – via London Bridge and East Croydon
  • 7/8 – Cambridge to Brighton – via London Bridge, East Croydon and Gatwick Airport
  • 9/10 – Cambridge to Maidstone East – via London Bridge, New Cross and Swanley
  • 11/12 – Bedford to East Grinstead – via London Bridge and East Croydon
  • 13/14 – Bedford to Littlehampton – via London Bridge, East Croydon and Gatwick Airport
  • 15/16 – Luton to Rainham – via London Bridge, New Cross and Greenwich
  • 17/20 – St. Albans to Sutton – Bia London Blackfriars and the Sutton Loop
  • 21/22 – Luton or Kentish Town to Orpington – via London Blackfriars and Catford
  • 23/24 – Welwyn Garden City to Sevenoaks – via London Blackfriars, Catford and Otford.


Looking at the routes of these trains shows.

  • Twelve tph will run between London Bridge and East Croydon along the Brighton Main Line through stations between Brockley Norwood Junction.
  • Ten tph serve Gatwick Airport.
  • Ten tph serve Luton Airport.

This morning I stood on Brockley stations and counted trains on the two fast lines of the Brighton Main Line.

In half an hour, I counted less than eight trains in each direction of which one was Network Rail’s leaf cleaning train and another was the Thameslink service between London Bridge and Brighton.

This article in Rail Magazine is entitled Thameslink’s 24tph Introduction Held Over To 2019.

This is a paragraph.

However, GTR will start running some trains on routes earlier than planned. Speaking exclusively to RAIL on November 15, Chris Gibb, chairman of the Thameslink Programme Industry Readiness Board, said that as soon as drivers were trained, GTR services would be diverted via London Bridge from January instead of May, and via the Canal Tunnels from April.

From my observations this morning and my scrutiny of the proposed timetable, it would appear that the twelve tph between London Bridge and East Croydon can be accommodated on the fast lines of the Brighton Main Line, given the following conditions.

  • The track and signalling between London Blackfriars and New Cross Gate via London Bridge is completed.
  • The London Bridge to Brighton service is discontinued, as Thameslink will replace it.

Thameslink running through London Bridge from January, will surely mean the following.

  • Faster and more reliable services between London and Gatwick Airport and the South Coast, using more direct route and the Brighton Main Line, North of East Croydon.
  • Less congestion on the Blackfriars route for Thameslink, as it winds through South London.

At present only four tph run on Thameslink, that could use the new direct route.

So if these transfer in January to their own platforms in London Bridge, there will be improvements.

In the Rail Magazine article, Chris Gibb also stated that the Canal Tunnels will be in use by April.

So will we see services gradually added to the Thameslink service, as the route proves it is capable of handling the trains?

This is no Big Bang change, but a simple step-by-step process.

More Details In The Print Copy Of Rail Magazine

The full Rail Magazine article has now been published in print and I have a copy.

Chris Gibb describes the May 2018 timetable change as a Big Bang.

  • Capacity increase of 35,000-40,000 into the core at Peak periods.
  • New service between Cambridge and Brighton.
  • New service between Horsham and Peterborough.
  • New service between Luton and the Medway Towns.
  • New service between Littlehampton and Bedford.
  • New service between East Grinstead and Bedford.

There will be 18 tph through the core.

The article say this frequency will rise to 20 tph in December 2018 and 22 tph in May 2019.

A Possible Thirty Tph Through The Core

The Rail Magazine article also says this.

He (Chris Gibb) explained that 30 tph could run through the core, but that infrastructure either side of it, would not support this.

This increase must open up the possibility of new destinations to the North and South.

Everybody would have their favourites.

Mine could be.

  • Ashford International for Eurostar.
  • Old Oak Common via the Dudding Hill Line.
  • Kettering and Corby
  • Milton Keynes

It will be interesting to see what is proposed, let alone implemented.



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Discount Railcard Extended For People Aged Up To 30

The title of this post is the same as this article on the BBC.

It is probably a good idea if you are younger than thirty.

But what about all those people aged between thirty and sixty, when they are eligible for a Senior Railcard?

And especially those, who always travel alone!

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