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York-Beverley Line

Looking for possible privately-funded rail projects, I have come across the York-Beverley Line on Wikipedia.

This is an extract from the Wikipedia entry.

Following the Government’s plans to reinstate lines closed in the 1960s which was announced in November 2017, it has been proposed that the line could reopen as a result.

The line runs between Bootham Junction on the York-Scarborough Line and Beverley Junction on the Hull-Scarborough Line.

This diagram from Wikipedia shows the detailed route.

I only know the area as a visitor, but it would appear to be a valuable new connection.

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The Ringwood Branch Line

Looking for possible privately-funded rail projects, I have come across the Ringwood Branch Line on Wikipedia.

It would appear that the plan is to open a section of the Southampton to Dorchester Railway from Lymington Junction to a new Ringwood station.

This is said in Wikipedia.

A report from the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) published in June 2009 recommended the rebuilding of part of the line from Brockenhurst to Ringwood. It looked into the feasibility of reopening disused lines and stations, and concluded that there was a business case for investing £70m in the new link with an hourly service.

This diagram from Wikipedia, shows the lines in the area.


  1. Would any other stations be reopened?
  2. The line was all double-track.
  3. I’ve flown my helicopter from Brockenhurst to Ringwood and you can clearly see the old track-bed.

This Google Map shows a portion of the route.

The route runs in a curve between Byrbush Car Park in the West and Holmsley Station Tea Rooms in the East.

Earlier, I quoted that ATOC have suggested an hourly service. Would this be one of the following?

  • A shuttle between Ringwood and Brockenhurst like the Lymington Branch Line, which also starts at Brockenhurst.
  • A through train to London.
  • A through train to Southampton.

Given the number of active and proposed routes in the area, there willprobably be better ideas.



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NR Set To Reach Major Shotts Electrification Milestone Over Easter

The title of this post is the same as that of this article in Rail Technology Magazine.

I’m not totally sure, but it looks like they will complete the overhead wires between Edinburgh and Glasgow along the Shotts Line.

They certainly seem to be moving on apace with electrification in Scotland, unlike around the North West of England.


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The Heath Rail Link In Devon

Looking for possible privately-funded rail projects, I have come across the Heath Rail Link in Devon on Wikipedia.

This is said.

In January 2018, a new company, Heath Rail Link met with Network Rail to discuss plans and progress. During the meeting, Network Rail gave authorisation for Heath Rail Link to lease the line once funds were submitted for it.

I also found this article on Heritage Railway, which is entitled A Fourth Tourist Line In South Devon In 2020?.

Something is definitely happening, but will it lead to anything?

Will the line be a heritage railway or will it be run by something like a Class 230 train?

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The Cranleigh Line

Looking for possible privately-funded rail projects, I have come across the Cranleigh Line on Wikipedia.

This is part of what is said on Wikipedia about Possible Reopening, in a eport by Buchanan and Partners in 1994.

The report estimated that around 500 car users could transfer to rail each day. The cost of reinstating the line between Guildford and Cranleigh was projected at £24 million which would include the base, civil, electrical, engineering and signalling works. It did not include land acquisition costs, legal costs and bridge works. The reinstatement of the bridge over the River Wey was costed at £750,000.

The report concluded that, based on a preliminary analysis of the line’s potential returns, re-opening would not be feasible. The line was, according to the report, likely to recoup only 3% of the capital investment in the first year of re-opening, and this without taking into account its operating costs. British Rail usually insisted on a figure of at least 8% before investing capital into re-opening a line. Nevertheless, the County Council decided to commission a detailed economic feasibility study by British Rail into the line’s potential for re-opening, and looked into the possibility of using a light railway or tramway substitute.

What would a report say now?

Given that the line runs between the busy stations at Guildford and Horsham, the latter of which has a Thameslink frequency of two trains per hour, I think that the answers would be very different.

The route would also be one, that could be run by a third-rail tram-train!


  • The tram-trains would use battery power, where there is no third-rail electrification.
  • The route between Guildford and Peasmarsh Junction is electrified and has no stations.
  • The route between Horsham and Stammerham Junction is electrified and has no stations.
  • Between Peasmarsh Junction and Stammerham Junction, there were stations at Bramley & Wonersh, Cranleigh, Baynards, Rudgwick and Slinford.
  • Stations could be rebuilt and added to as required.
  • Between Peasmarsh Junction and Stammerham Junction, the new line would be without electrification.

Could the new line share the route with walkers and cyclists?

I think there is a chance here to create a new type of light rail link!



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Carmarthen–Aberystwyth Line

Looking for possible privately-funded rail projects, I have come across the Carmarthen–Aberystwyth Line on Wikipedia.

This is said on Wikipedia under Reopening.

Official talks of reopening started in 2014, when First Minister Carwyn Jones shared his support towards the reopening, and it was adopted as an official policy of the Welsh Liberal Democrats. The next two years were followed by support from Carmarthenshire County Council, Ceredigion County Council, the Minister for Science, Economy and Transport (Welsh Government) and Plaid Cymru. Official talks and meeting included Stephen Crabb MP, Secretary of State for Wales and James Price, Director General, Economy, Science and Transport (Welsh Government) shortly followed by the AECOM report. There have been several support, funding and help pledges.

In October 2016, the Welsh government announced it would be allocating £300,000 towards funding a feasibility report into re-opening the railway as part of the draft 2017-18 budget. The study is being carried out by engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald and began in September 2017.

Reopening would certainly open up an area with no railways.

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Formartine and Buchan Railway

Looking for possible privately-funded rail projects, I have come across the Formartine and Buchan Railway on Wikipedia.

This is said on Wikipedia.

Transport Scotland is considering re-opening sections of this line. The population in the area, largely thanks to the oil and gas industry, has shown a considerable increase since the line was closed. For example, the town of Ellon has 50% more inhabitants than it had in 1979.

I’ll be interested to see what happens here.

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Bordon Light Railway

Looking for possible privately-funded rail projects, I have come across the Bordon Light Railway on Wikipedia.

This railway was supported by the Association of Train Operating Companies in 2009.

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My Father’s Politics

In a A Trip To The Berlin Olympic Stadium, I said this about my father’s politics.

My father hated both extreme-right and extreme-left politics with a vengeance and I can honestly say, that I never heard him tell a racist joke.

With the rows going on this morning about  antisemitic elements in the Labour Party, I looked up Stalin and antisemitism in Wikipedia.

My father had a Jewish male line, but no religion of any kind, although the more I learn, his outlook on life and morals were fairly Jewish.

In the Battle of Cable Street, he was there to stop Oswald Mosley and his supporters marching through the East End.

I know he moved in left-wing Tory Party circles, nearly stood for Parliament against one of Mosley’s supporters, and once said he had been at the League of Nations in Geneva. But, he remained largely silent about what he did in the 1920s and 1930s.

But I do think his Jewish genes drove him to take up his strong centrist views, especially when you read about Stalin and the Jews.

It is one of my regrets in life, that I didn’t find out more about my father’s life, in what must have been exciting times for those, who thought about politics.


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The Price Of Lust

Stormy Daniels once appeared in a video called The Price Of Lust.

I’ve no idea, how good it is from any perspective!

Is Donald Trump going to pay?

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