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More Train Services Between Leeds, Huddersfield And Manchester

This article on the Huddersfield Daily Examiner is entitled Important Timetable Changes For Huddersfield Rail Passengers Heading To Manchester.

It is a good explanation of the major changes that will take place to TransPennine Express services after the 20th of May.

  • There will be four fast trains between Leeds, Huddersfield and Manchester Victoria station
  • There will be two slow trains between Leeds, Huddersfield and Manchester Piccadilly station
  • But nothing is said about Northern services.

I suspect, it will be sorted by the time the service starts.

I would check before you travel.

Hopefully, if you want to go to Piccadilly and get on a train that only goes to Victoria, it will be a same platform interchange to continue, your journey if your ticket is marked Manchester Stastions.

I would assume that you won’t be able to touch in with a contactless card on this short journey as is becoming the norm in a lot of the World.

Ticketing in the North is so Nineteenth Century.


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  1. Good news about more frequent fast services to Piccadilly, presume alternate services will continue to the airport.

    Comment by Little Miss Traveller | April 7, 2018 | Reply

    • Fast services will go to Victoria. The slower ones would appear to go to Manchester Airport.
      They should have built the Picc-Vic tunnel in Manchester in the 1970s. But Harold Wilson cancelled it, along with London’s third Airport at Maplin and the Channel Tunnel.
      I always look on his statue at Huddersfield with the contempt he deserves.
      The Picc-Vic tunnel would have transformed Manchester with cross-Manchester services, every two or three minutes, calling at five low-level stations.
      Pictures show London Underground trains, but it would have been built to take full-size trains with 25 KVAC overhead wires.

      Comment by AnonW | April 7, 2018 | Reply

  2. My understanding is that the fast servies [from Newcastle, ‘Boro’ etc.) do go to Victoria, but then loop round through the Ordsall Chord to continue to Oxford Road, Piccadilly, and the airport,

    Bizarrely there is an MIA -> York service ~23:00 which goes MIA -> MAN -> MCO -> SLD (where it turns back) -> MCV

    Comment by Mark Clayton | April 7, 2018 | Reply

    • Some of the Leeds to Manchester Victoria services will go on to Liverpool Lime Street.

      TransPennine services between Manchester and Leeds might be a few minutes slower apparently.

      But you have to remember that most East-West services through Manchester and Leeds have to cope with slow lines built by the Victorians.

      Compared to say Liverpool Street to Norwich, which is 100 mph all the way, some like the line across Chat Moss are restricted to 75 mph.

      I’m sure that modern engineering could increase most lines to 100 mph routes. I would also electrify tunnels so bi-mode trains could work on electricity more.

      I also think modern trains, like ?Bombardier’s proposed 125 mph bi-mode with batteries could cut journey times.

      Comment by AnonW | April 7, 2018 | Reply

      • Some NE Liverpool services already do go via MCV as I found out while waiting at Thirsk for a much delayed train to MAN. I was able to work out that there was an NCL -> MCV -> LIV train passing by and tried to get it stopped at Thirsk. No avail – I watched as it passed through on the fast lines. OTOH I got a full refund on my ticket after I eventually got to Manchester after an unscheduled train change at York.

        Comment by Mark Clayton | April 8, 2018

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