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Karen’s Travel Problem

My friend, Karen, has a train problem.

She lives in Leeds and needs to go to Milton Keynes regularly.

The journey is difficult with often two changes and the need to go across Manchester.

But not from Monday!

It appears that under the new timetable, all the XX:50 trains from Leeds, go direct to Piccadilly over the Ordsall Chord and now give you twenty-five minutes to catch a direct train to Milton Keynes.

The total journey time is just under three hours.

The return journey seems quicker too!

It will be interesting to see, how much the Ordsall Chord changes journeys across Manchester!

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  1. It will indeed. I don’t use trains much, but at least a few years ago, and don’t think it has changed, there was no rail link between Piccadilly and Victoria, and so it was walking – and fair walk too – taxis, also a long journey time wise because Manchester traffic is grim, or tram which would probably be the best way. I remember one time the Sunday School at church I was at at the time, can’t even remember which church, decided to have an outing to Eureka in Halifax. On the train. so in to Piccadilly from here by train, walk them through city centre to Victoria on a Saturday afternoon – 30 or so kids of assorted ages and behaviours – then a train to Eureka – which happens to be right by the exit from Halifax station. I don’t know what eventually happened, I have a vague memory that they did go to Eureka, but I think the powers that be insisted on them having a coach. If every you are in Halifax, Eureka is worth a trip, it is aimed at under 12s and it is all to do with jobs people do, and lots of science stuff. The children can dress up as postmen and nurses and all sorts of things, and the everything is child sized, so the children can pretend to be whatever it is they are looking at. Saying this, not sure if adults are allowed in without children, they aren’t in Lego Discovery Centre in Manchester, might be worth finding out, or borrowing a child.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | May 20, 2018 | Reply

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