The Anonymous Widower

Falling Off A Cruise Ship

This story on the BBC is entitled British Woman Rescued 10 Hours After Falling Off Cruise Ship In Croatia.

Happily the lady survived.

I am reminded of a old story.

A consultant and his friend, after a busy winter decided to go on a cruise in the Caribbean, where they had been told, they would be able to liven up their boring sex lives.

They were not enjoying themselves, as there wren’t any spare ladies under the are of fifty.

So one night, after having a few too many rum punches, they were at the blunt end of the ship, moaning about their lives telling very rude jokes and smoking lots of cigarettes.

One joke involved the consultant gently tapping the other on the shoulder and he let go of his drink. In trying to catch it, he slipped and started to disappear into the sea. The other tried to catch him and the outcome was that both of them fell in the sea.

Luckily, the episode had been seen by a seaman, who immediately raised the alarm., as he knew the sharks in the area, were very quick to find a free meal.

Within ten minutes or so, the consultant had been pulled unharmed from the water, but all they found of his friend was his left foot.

Back on board the ship, the consultant was summoned to see the Captain, as he needed to put a report in the log.

The Captain spoke to the consultant. “These waters are very dangerous! So how do you, as a consultant explain, why you didn’t get eaten by the sharks, like your friend?”

The consultant was uncharacteristically brief with his answer. “Professional Etiquette!”

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