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Should There Be A Lea Bridge Road Entrance To Lea Bridge Station?

This Google Map shows Lea Bridge station and the access routes to the station.

The entrance to the station is from Argall Way, which means that passengers walking to the station from the West along Lea Bridge Roasd have to walk in a circular route to get to the entrance.

It must be very galling to see the step-free footbridge, within a metre, as you cross the road bridge over the railway.

The road bridge has recently been refurbished and now has a cycleway, as these pictures show.

There used to be a bus stop on the road bridge, but that too has been removed and you now have to walk back to the station.

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  1. That station refurbishment is blocking the star line.

    That’s where the original line was!

    Closed in 1984 by br.

    Opened 2017 by Waltham forest.

    And our council tax went up to cover it.

    They need to put the entrance back on lea bridge!

    I’ve checked the line the other side.

    That incorrect station will add 10 mins to journey as it’s BLOCKING THE TRACK!


    Comment by Russell | September 3, 2018 | Reply

  2. I think there could be a cunning plan here.

    There is no reason, that a walk-in gate couldn’t be provided on the bridge, straight into the footbridge. But this couldn’t have been done until the pavement was widened, as you wouldn’t want people and children walking into the busy road.

    It would also be possible to add a bay platform, that would take a four-five car train at Lea Bridge station.

    It could be convenient to run a service Northwards to Chingford, Enfield Town or up the West Anglia Main Line, whilst Crossrail 2 is being built in the area.

    Or if they use High Meads Loop at Stratford as a high-capacity terminal handling perhaps 16 trains per hour, then the bay platform would be ideal for service recovery.

    I suspect, that TfL and Greater Anglia are waiting until STAR and the Goblin are both fully up and running to look at passenger flows, but Lea Bridge station has been designed so it can be extended in any way that fits.

    What they do in the rebuilding of Walthamstow Central will have an effect too!

    Could we see all Chingford services going to Lea Bridge at a frequency of 4 tph, with a full step-free interchange at Walthamstow Central?

    I don’tknow, but there must be some logic behind all the unjoined up bits.

    Comment by AnonW | September 3, 2018 | Reply

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