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Freedoming – Hertford East Station

Getting to Hertford East station cost me £5.80.

Wikipedia says this about the station.

The station was listed in 1974 as a Grade II* listed building; in 1996 the buffer stop lights on platform one were separately listed in their own right.

Sadly, I didn’t photograph the buffer stops.

Capacity Of The Station

One of my reasons for going to Hertford East station was to look at the capacity of the station.

I always feel that a single platform can handle four trains per hour (tph), as this regularly happens on the Overground.

So Hertford East station should be able to handle at least four tph.

But unfortunately, there is a single platform station at Ware on the way to the West Anglia Main Line.

So this probably explains why Hertford East doesn’t have a four tph service to London.

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Freedoming – Bebo Cafe In Hertford

I had gone to Hertford East station to take a few photographs of the West Anglia Main Line on the way and check a few things.

Finding myself in a town, I only knew vaguely, I walked towards the centre and found the Bebo Cafe.

It describes itself as a Gourmet Cafe and Coffee … on its incomplete web site.

I think it fills that bill.

Especially, as the very nice sandwich I had, was made on gluten-free bread.

I shall return!

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Over the last couple of weeks, I have been asked out to lunch, coffee or a drink by several old and new friends, who live in towns and cities outside of London’s Zone 6 boundary.

I have also visited several places for my own purposes.

The Zone 6 boundary is important, as I can travel there using my Freedom Pass.

So to get to these towns, I need to buy an extension ticket from the Zone 6 boundary.

Some of these are extremely good value if you use a Senior Railcard,

  • Bishops Stortford – £7.00
  • Hertford East – £5.80
  • Uckfield – £9.25
  • Woking – £5.35

These prices are all for Off Peak Day Returns.

What Are My Objectives?

I am not really sure at the moment, but I do like travel, good food, visiting museums and galleries, looking at old and modern engineering.

So it may just be a load of old rubbish, but it will also be fun!

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Class 700 Trains Don’t Have Destination Boards On The Side

I was intending to go between St. Pancras and London Bridge stations, so as I was close to the Thameslink platforms, I decided to use London’s hidden North-South link.

As I approached the platform, I saw a train had just arrived and it would either be going via London Bridge or Elephant & Castle stations.

So I looked on the side of the train for a destination board, which is present on many trains in the UK.

But there wasn’t one!

Luckily, a station man was on the platform and I asked him. He said it was a Rainham train, which meant it was via London Bridge.

So it was a train I wanted and I duly boarded, after taking this picture.

As Thameslink is a complicated route, surely there should be displays on the side saying things like.

  • Rainham via London Bridge and Greenwich
  • Brighton via Gatwick Airport
  • Cambridge via Finsbury Park
  • Sevenoaks via Elephant & Castle

It would make boarding safer and quicker, if all trains had details on their sides.

I know there are excellent displays on the platform, but I couldn’t see one from where I stood.



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Should There Be A Lea Bridge Road Entrance To Lea Bridge Station?

This Google Map shows Lea Bridge station and the access routes to the station.

The entrance to the station is from Argall Way, which means that passengers walking to the station from the West along Lea Bridge Roasd have to walk in a circular route to get to the entrance.

It must be very galling to see the step-free footbridge, within a metre, as you cross the road bridge over the railway.

The road bridge has recently been refurbished and now has a cycleway, as these pictures show.

There used to be a bus stop on the road bridge, but that too has been removed and you now have to walk back to the station.

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Angel Road Station – 24th August 2018

I went to Angel Road station, to see if I could get any decent pictures of the new Meridian Water station.


  1. How much of the station is tastefully placed under the North Circular Road.
  2. The bridge must have some of the best views of scrapyards in the UK.
  3. The under-construction Meridian Water station can be seen to the South of the station and the bridge.
  4. I wonder how bad the pollution levels are on the platforms.

The stations aren’t far away from each other as this Google Map shows.


  1. The platforms and buildings of Meridian Water station can be seen under construction to the South of the North Circular Road.
  2. Tesco (and IKEA, who are just South of the map!) won’t be complaining about the location.
  3. Stations don’t often get closed, but I can’t see many complaining about the closure of Angel Road station, which is a genuine dump.
  4. I don’t think Premier Inn will complain either, as how many of their guests have thought they’ve booked in to a hotel with a fast and frequent rail service to London, that turns out to be an occasional service at inconvenient times?

Whilst, I was there taking the pictures, I was talking to a car delivery driver, who had delivered a car nearby and needed to get to Derby. I think he’d waited about an hour, before I sorted him out and he joined me on a train to Totteham Hale for the Victoria Line and St. Pancras. If he’d been thirty minutes later, he’d have waited all day.

Northern Access To Meridian Water Station

I can’t find anything on the Internet, but I suspect the third track currently being laid between Meridian Water and Lea Bridge stations will be Southbound-only for services going to Stratford.

I also think, that it will be connected to the Southbound track of the West Anglia Main Linein the area of Angel Road station.

This Google Map shows the area to the North of Angel Road station.

Pretty! It isn’t!

I believe it would be possible for a track to extend from the platform served by the new third track at Meridian Water station, pass behind the Southbound platform at Angel Road station and then connect to the West Anglia Main Line.

A crossover could also be provided to allow trains to go North from the new third track if required.


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Northumberland Park Station – 24th August 2018

Northumberland Park station is progressing.

It must have some of the longest pedestrian ramps in the UK.

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A Stray Deltic

I took these pictures at Eridge station.

Did it get lost?

The Class 55 locomotive was actually starring on the Spa Valley Railway.

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A First Trip In An Electric Taxi

I took these pictures during and after my first ride in an electric taxi.

I liked the experience.

  • The ride was good.
  • The vehicle was quiet.
  • You could talk easily to the driver, which helped as we had to change route due to a road closure.
  • It’s got USB charging points for phones.

But the best feature must be the glass roof. Although the rain ruined the view.

It wouldn’t be a London taxi without a few strong negative opinions from the driver.

  • He’d just cleaned the taxi and the rain was ruining his work.
  • There are not enough charging points.
  • He didn’t think Uber pay enough tax. Doesn’t everybody think that?

The driver certainly seemed pleased with his cab.

As a perhaps five-times-a-month user of black cabs, I will certainly look forward to having another ride, as they are definitely a better experience.

You can’t write about black cabs without adding a comment about other minicabs, private hire vehicles and Ubers in London.

When will new additions to these fleets of other vehicles, have to be electric?


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Eden Project Seeks Funds For Morecambe Attraction

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

When I heard about this project on the BBC, my first reaction was – Why Not?

And nothing, I’ve seen or read changes my decision.

If it opens, I shall go, as it’s not far from areas, I visit regularly.

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