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A Sighting Of The Two Coradia iLint Hydrogen Trains

I finally got to see the two Coradia iLint trains, parked at Bremervörde station.

On they were talking about weather warnings, so perhaps Alstom and the operator were just being prudent. After all they didn’t want another Hindenburg disaster!

Not that there’s much chance of that these days when modern materials are used to build safe methods of hydrogen storage.

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A Full-Barrier Level Crossing For Pedestrians And Cyclists At Bremervörde Station

I photographed this full-barrier level crossing For pedestrians and cyclists At Bremervörde station.

I watched the crossing for several minutes as my train waited for a green signal and pedestrians and cyclists crossed safely at times when the barriers were up. The barrier were also lowered, so that a train could proceed into the nearby depot.

Nobody seemed to disregard the barriers.

Perhaps, though the Germans are better than obeying orders than we are? Although, walking about Hamburg, I did feel that German pedestrians cross in more dangerous ways, than Londoners do.

Surely, if the Germans can put in this level crossing under the same European Health and Safety rules as we use, then we can do the same?

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Think Again, If You Think We Have Too Many Level Crossings!

These are some pictures of the level crossing on the route between Buxtehude and Cuxhaven stations.

Some seemed to be very busy, but others were just on a concrete farm track.

I think with the exception of in the electrified Bremerhaven section, I didn’t see any bridges over the route.

The other feature visible from the line, was the large number of wind turbines.

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A Brief Glimpse Of A Hydrogen-Powered Coradia iLint

On my early morning journey between Hamburg and Bremerhaven stations, with a change at Buxtehude station, I caught the first train of the day.

At Bremervörde station, my train stopped alongside a hydrogen-powered Coradia iLint and this was the best of the pictures I tried to take in the bad light and pouring rain.

I saw passengers sitting on the train, but by the time we left, they all seemed to have taken other means of transport.

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