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Will Brexit Result In A Secure Irish Border?

I have been to Ireland many times and also have had several good friends from Southern Ireland.

One tale I heard was from a respectable farmer, was about how during the Second World War he helped his father smuggle food into the North. As he said, “We couldn’t let fellow Irishmen starve!”

It is tales like this, that have always made me believe that Ireland may not politically be one country, but economically and personally, it is a closer relationship.

I also remember tales from a couple of decades ago, where because of different prices across the border, people would shop or trade, where there was a financial advantage.

I’ve actually never driven across the Irish border, as I’ve only been to both countries in the same trip once and I crossed the border by train.

But as with the borders between Wales and England or Scotland and England, I suspect only the locals know on which side they are standing.

One of the main reasons many voted for Brexit was to keep out immigrants.

What is to stop would-be immigrants to the UK, after Brexit going to Ireland and then being smuggled across the porous border, just as food was in the Second World War?

Surely, the only way to stop the smuggling of immigrants is a secure border!


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  1. I think the fact of Irish border being an issue NOT being mentioned in pre-Brexit information is a disgrace. The whole campaign on all sides was shambolic! And on the Friday morning after the vote, I was in Morrisons in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester and the conversations were genuinely shocking me. Soundbites include:

    I’m really glad for the Queen, she is still Queen – where would she have gone if she wasn’t allowed to Queen anymore ….

    Thank goodness David Cameron has resigned so Jeremy Corbyn has been able to take over right away.

    We couldn’t not have a queen, we had to keep sovereignty

    I am going to see the doctor next week, they will be able to do my hip now the NHS have all that money

    Our Sharon will be able to get a council house in the next couple of weeks now they are sending the (Pakistanis) home – willing to put the phrase she actually used!

    It told me that people hadn’t had a clue what they were talking about. The people in the shop were office workers, shop workers, bank workers etc plus some retired people etc. At the time I was passing through Piccadilly Gardens most Fridays, and had got to know some of the homeless people. They weren’t impressed with the result either. Some of them understood more than the people in Morrisons – most of them were nice people fallen on hard times, rather than the drunks and druggies people assume they are.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | October 5, 2018 | Reply

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