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Disappointing Kiel

After my disappointment with not getting a ride on the hydrogen-powered Coradia iLint, I decided to take a trip to Kiel.

I had expected a bustling riverside with perhaps nice places to eat overlooking the water. Perhaps, I was expecting somewhere similar to Bordeaux, Gdansk or Stockholm

I was at least able to buy a drink in a cafe, but I didn’t find any suitable food.

So I retreated to a shopping centre and bought a tuna salad in a plastic bowl.

I don’t think, I’ll be going back.

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A Pedestrian Level Crossing And A Lone Coradia iLint At Bremervörde Station

öI’d waited at Buxtehude station for a Coradia iLint to appear in vain, so I moved on to Bremervörde station, where I took these pictures.

It turned out that one train had returned to the factory, so there wasn’t much to see. Coupled with the news I heard earlier about Not Enough Drivers, I suspect that the Germans seem to be suffering in the same way, as we are on the introduction of new trains.


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Not Enough Drivers

I have just been told that the hydrogen trains will.not be running today between Buxtahude and Cuxhaven as there are not enough drivers.

Where have I heard that before?

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The Relaxed Pace Of German Commuter Stations

I am at Buxtehade station on the outskirts of Hamburg and the area looks like it could be a suburb typical of those around big cities all over the world. But it is so relaxed compared to others I’ve visited.


  1. The diesel-hauled commuter service running under wires.
  2. No-one and the trains don’t seem to be in a hurry despite it being around nine in the morning.
  3. Trains seem to wait several minutes at each station.
  4. Staff were not to be seen.

In addition, there was absolutely no information about the hydrogen trains, that I could find.


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