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Worried Council Prepares Official Response To ‘Crackpot’ HS2 Plans

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Rail Technology Magazine.

This is the first paragraph.

HS2 has been slammed as a “crackpot idea” which won’t benefit local residents by councillors in Northwich as they prepare to submit an official response to the project’s consultation.

This map from HS2 shows how the route will go past Northwich.

On the map purple is the route of HS2 and the dotted line is the West Coast Main Line, which will take HS2 trains to Liverpool and further North. If the quality of the map is anything like the quality of their route planning, then heaven help Northwich.

The Stop HS2 campaign has a page about Northwich,

The area with all the salt lying below the surface is probably a difficult one for building railways, roads or even a brick outhouse.

Improving Services At Northwich

Could the disquiet at Northwich be partly due to the fact that for the good burghers of the town to get any benefit from HS2 to perhaps go to London or Birmingham, they will have to go to Crewe or Manchester first, as they do now.

  • Take the one train per hour service (tph) to Manchester and then the three tph service to London is fine, but coming North, you might hang around in Piccadilly for an hour.
  • Drive to Crewe and get one of three tph to London.

After 2027, when HS2 reaches Crewe, the railway junction will be just fifty-eight minutes from London.

What is needed is a quick and reliable way to travel the fourteen miles between the two towns.

Under Proposed Future Developments in the Wikipedia entry for Northwich station, there are several suggestions for an improved service at the station.

  • The Northern Hub proposes an additional hourly service to run between Greenbank and Stockport.
  • Re-instating the passenger service between Northwich and Sandbach has been proposed. This would allow direct trains to Crewe from Knutsford,
  • Proposals for a direct link to Manchester Airport from Northwich were first put forward in the 1990s, not much had seemed to materialise from this.
  • The running of tram-trains directly in to Manchester.

If Northwich were on the outskirts of Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool or London, it would be likely to have at least two tph and possibly four tph to the major city.

One tph is a disgrace!


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  1. There is discussion about this on facebook too – relating to the damage and destruction to ancient woodland.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | November 8, 2018 | Reply

  2. I reckon a lot of it, is the usual reaction that well-off areas don’t want new rail lines, as they want to drive their expensive cars. Rail also tends to benefit the younger people and those in the lower paid jobs, as they can get to work without a car.

    Kent didn’t want the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, but all my friends in Kent now like the upgraded domestic services that has come with it.

    When I go to Liverpool, I find more enthusiasm in the City and on the journey for HS2, than I do when I go to Manchester.

    But then after the rebuilding of Lime Street station this year, Liverpool can see the extra capacity, they will get from both the normal services and HS2 is going to happen.

    Manchester hasn’t seen that improvement yet. Perhaps, as they rebuild Piccadilly for HS2, that enthusiasm will grow.

    I also think that Northwich is rather a lost piggy-in-the-middle. All it gets is a pathetic one train per hour between Manchester and Chester. So to get anywhere else exciting by train means a change in Chester or Manchester or a drive to Crewe.

    In 2027, HS2 will reach Crewe, from where London could be reached in under an hour, at a frequency of atleast three trains per hour.

    So I think it is essential that local trains with a frequency of st least two trains per hour connect Northwich and other stations to Crewe.

    It strikes me that Cheshire doesn’t stand up for its residents.

    Could it be that the main station in the county is run from Cardiff?

    Lancashire wouldn’t want their main station to be run from York!

    Comment by AnonW | November 8, 2018 | Reply

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