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The Electrification Between Lea Bridge And Meridian Water Stations Is Almost Complete

I took these pictures from a train going North from Lea Bridge station to the new Meridian Water station.

It appears that most of the electrification is almost complete, except for perhaps a hundred metres at the Southern end.


This electrification seems to have gone reasonably well so far.

On the other hand, the electrification of the Gospel Oak to Barking Line was troublesome with various components being wrongly made and the discovery of an unknown sewer.

But the electrification of the new single track was effectively working on a new track, where what was underneath the track was very well known.

I’m drawn to the conclusion, that if we want to electrify a railway, the quality of the knowledge of the tracks to be electrified has a strong influence on the outcome of the project.

If there are thought to be too many unknowns and it is felt necessary to relay the track, then so be it!

We may have the paradox that to electrify a 125 mph fast line like the Midland Main Line, which has had top class care and constant speed upgrades, may be easier and more affordable, than to electrify  a slower commuter line like Manchester to Preston, which has probably not had as much attention, due to the slower speeds.

I know it’s totally different, but decorating a new house is easier than doing the same to an old one!

Electrification of a railway track seems to have a similar relationship.

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  1. Hi there, indeed electrification is nearly complete. I haven’t checked out the whole line, but from reports I have read, I believe the entire line now has the wires up all the way to Meridian Water apart from the bit you mentioned where the new ‘siding’ joins the 2 existing tracks close to Lea Bridge Station. That will be the last section to be wired as once done the entire new section will be live. I have recently read (but can’t remember where) that this new section of line is scheduled to be energised on the weekend of 23/24 Feb 2019.

    I have noticed that the extra steel supports (cantilevers etc) required on the steel uprights at the southern end are temporarily strapped in an upright position to the steel uprights, so it does look promising for 23/24th.

    Also the YouTube link below has the latest update on this STAR project from Network Rail. It says that all the infrastructure, that is Meridian Water Station, modified Northumberland Park Station, 3rd platform at Tottenham Hale, 3rd track and electrification should all be complete in May 2019. Note I don’t think this includes the modified station building at Tottenham Hale, but I think it will include the new footbridge at Tottenham Hale.

    There is almost a throw away line at the end of the video, which states that the additional extra train services could be running in the Autumn of 2019.

    One other point, I don’t know if you would be able to shed light on, but towards the southern end which coincides with the length of the new pointwork, along the western side of the tracks approx 6 new concrete bases have been prepared, apparently ready for what look like lampposts, currently stored near to the pedestrian bridge, to be installed. I am not sure why the pointwork would need to be lit, I have never seen such a situation, and the bases don’t look exactly temporary.

    Comment by Colin Frith | February 11, 2019 | Reply

  2. Thanks! I’ll go and take a look at the posts.

    Are they for signals?

    I have a feeling that Tottenham Hale station could be ready for the Autumn, as it looks like it’s been designed for quick assembly.

    Comment by AnonW | February 11, 2019 | Reply

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