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Groningen Station

Groningen station sits at the centre of a rail network reaching to Delfzijl, Eemshaven, Harlingen,, Leer, Leeuwarden, Veendam and Zwolle.

These pictures show the station.


  1. The large numbers of Stadler GTW trains, which Arriva call Spurt.
  2. The decoration in the Booking Hall.
  3. The multiple bay platforms, some of which are electrified.

It is certainly a station worth a visit.

The Harlingen–Nieuweschans Railway

Groningen station is on the Harlingen–Nieuweschans Railway.

  • It stretches from Harlingen. on the Ijsselmeer in the West to Leer in Germany in the East.
  • The distance is around eighty miles.

The railway was originally built for trade between the port at Harlingen and Cerntral Europe.

Unfortunately, the Eastern section is cut-off as the  freighter; MV Emsmoon, destroyed a bridge. Wikipedia says this about the accident.

On 3 December 2015, Emsmoon collided with the Friesenbrücke [de], which carries the Ihrhove–Nieuweschans railway over the Ems. The cause of the accident was reported to be miscommunication between the bridge operator and pilot on board the ship. The bridge could not be raised as a train was due, but the ship failed to stop and collided with the bridge, blocking both railway and river.[4] The bridge was so severely damaged that it will have to be demolished. Replacement is expected to take five years.

Was für ein Haufen Wichser!

And we think, we have problems with level crossings!


Groningen would make a base from where to tour the area. But it will be even better, when the bridge over the River Ems has been rebuilt!

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From Bremen Hauptbahnhof To Buxtehude

This should have been an easy journey with a change at Bremerhaven Hbf.

But it wasn’t and I had a nearly eighty minute wai at Bremerhaven.

If this sort of ptoblem had occured with most railway conpanies, you’d have got accurate updates and information, but even though there were some announcements, even the German passengers were confused.

I temember one incident on Greater Anglia on an extremely windy day, when a tree brought the overhead wires down at Chelmsford. Station staff at Colchester were handing out refund forms and I got refunded my trip back to Liverpool Street.

But where were the Germans?

Nowhere to be seen for a start!

I thought EU regulations laid down a tefund policy, if trains were late.

When I got to Buxtehude, a fellow passenger told me there had been signalling problems.

How do I claim my refund?

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Oldenburg Station

Oldenburg station caught my eye as I passed through.

It’s good to see a new well-designed timber roof.

Having read the Wikipedia entry for the station, it appears that Oldenburg could have been an ideal place for a pit-stop.

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I took a detour from Bremen Hauptbahnhof, when I changed trains to walk to the centre.

If there’s a convenient hotel, it looks like it could be a place for a pit-stop or overnight stay.

By the way, the sausage appeared to be gluten-free, as I certainly had no reaction and German sausages usually are.

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An Uncomfortable Seat

The Germans don’t encourage you to sit down in stations and this seat at Bremerhaven Hauptbahnhof is typical. That’s if there are any seats!

I think I’ll take a blow-up cushion on my next trip to Germany! Or on Thameslink!

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