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All Cleaned Up Now!

My house is now all cleaned up!

Thanks to the good people at

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They Don’t Make Very Good Boats

This was a tweet from Greater Manchester Police Traffic, during the recent floods.

The driver of this Lamorghini lost control on standing water  and took out a section of before making off on foot prior to police arrival.

A very expensve mistake.  They don’t make very good boats!!

Nearly 400 people are talking about it.

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Russia: Fire Kills 14 Sailors Aboard Navy Research Submersible

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

This is yet another major accident involving Russian submarines.

The Russian submarine safety record doesn’t appear to be good.


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Groningen Station

Groningen station sits at the centre of a rail network reaching to Delfzijl, Eemshaven, Harlingen,, Leer, Leeuwarden, Veendam and Zwolle.

These pictures show the station.


  1. The large numbers of Stadler GTW trains, which Arriva call Spurt.
  2. The decoration in the Booking Hall.
  3. The multiple bay platforms, some of which are electrified.

It is certainly a station worth a visit.

The Harlingen–Nieuweschans Railway

Groningen station is on the Harlingen–Nieuweschans Railway.

  • It stretches from Harlingen. on the Ijsselmeer in the West to Leer in Germany in the East.
  • The distance is around eighty miles.

The railway was originally built for trade between the port at Harlingen and Cerntral Europe.

Unfortunately, the Eastern section is cut-off as the  freighter; MV Emsmoon, destroyed a bridge. Wikipedia says this about the accident.

On 3 December 2015, Emsmoon collided with the Friesenbrücke [de], which carries the Ihrhove–Nieuweschans railway over the Ems. The cause of the accident was reported to be miscommunication between the bridge operator and pilot on board the ship. The bridge could not be raised as a train was due, but the ship failed to stop and collided with the bridge, blocking both railway and river.[4] The bridge was so severely damaged that it will have to be demolished. Replacement is expected to take five years.

Was für ein Haufen Wichser!

And we think, we have problems with level crossings!


Groningen would make a base from where to tour the area. But it will be even better, when the bridge over the River Ems has been rebuilt!

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Iceland Crash: Three British People Including Child Killed

The title of this post is the same as this article on the BBC.

I’ve been to Iceland and thoroughly enjoyed it.

But I did all the exploring in organised tour parties, as I was advised by the tour company, that this was safer. Although, they didn’t know I couldn’t drive!

We went everywhere in large 4×4 vehicles.

So was the party involved in the tragedy in a suitable vehicle?

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What A Plonker!

Of all the stupid road accidents that happen every year, yesterday’s one in Kent must rank as the most stupid.

This article on the BBC, which is entitled M20 motorway shut after lorry crash causes bridge collapse, gives full details.

There will be a lot of questions asked about this digger and as Dellboy would say, its right plonker of a driver.

  • Why didn’t the truck and the digger have a specialist escort?
  • Did the driver understand metres and/or feet and inches?
  • What is the name of the company responsible, so that I can sue for a ruined holiday, spent camping on the M20?

At least the driver didn’t kill or serious hurt anybody, although it must have been a close run think for the motorcyclist.

A couple of weeks ago, I was seriously delayed because of another plonker, who crashed with a train on a level crossing at Waterbeach.

I think we could bring in a law, which meant that everybody, who is delayed by anything like this incident can contact a central insurance number or web site, where you can easily add your claim to the pile.

After all if my train is late, I can get a refund and have been able to for years. Recently, I was travelling  on a Cheap Day Single ticket from Manchester to London, which arrived in London about two hours late, due to an unspecified problem. I filled in a form on the Virgin web site, when I got home and I had my compensation in a week or so.

The insurance companies have the power to knock some sense firmly into the minds of these idiots, who endanger everyone’s lives.


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The US Has 2,000 Level Crossing Accidents A Year

This is a chilling statistic, which is stated in this article on the BBC, about this morning’s train crash in California. As 250 of these accidents involve fatalities they are a major tragedy and illustrate how level crossings should be eliminated or at least made safer.

In this country we still have more than 6,300 and get quite a few accidents. At least Network Rail is trying to cut the risk in several ways.

Having ridden in the cab of a High Speed Train, I’ve had a unique view of the dangers as we sped to Inverness, although nothing untoward happened. But as level crossings came into view, you kept your eyes peeled for something that might happen.

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This Won’t Happen To Me!

This story is one of those, where you wonder how the driver managed to wreck the house opposite. As usual they seem to be claiming the automatic transmission malfunctioned. They rarely do! But as the old joke says, the nut behind the steering wheel is the most dangerous part of a car.

I doubt it’ll happen to me on either side, as I don’t drive and there is no house with a sloping driveway opposite. To make it even more difficult for a kamikaze driver, my kitchen is at the back on the first floor. I suppose they could go down the mews and jump the car over the house at the back of my garden.

It doesn’t give in the article, any details on the driver, but it does seem to me, that whatever happens, they should be made to take a thorough test before driving again.  Next time their automatic transmission mulfunctions, a child could be the victim.

The Royston Crow gives more detyails here. Isn’t that a wonderful name for a local paper!

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Mugged In My Own Shower Room

Ever since I moved into this house, I’ve moaned about the bathrooms. The en-suite shower room of my bedroom has got a lot of my anger, as every other time I clean my teeth, I bump my head on the cabinet above the basin.

Last night, as I went to bed, the awful cabinet bit back. I’d needed a new toilet roll and as one does, I keep them in the bathroom cabinet.  But the catch is not the most reliable of devices and as I rose from the toilet, the door caught me on the head.

It only managed to extract a very small spot of blood.

My head has a very thick skull, but this morning, I do have a wound and a small amount of pain there.

It could have been a lot worse.

It’s another piece of bad workmanship and/or design to blame on Jerry.

I wonder if RIBA have a worst building prize.

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The Damage To The Overground

Judging by these pictures I took, the train crash on the 15th caused quite a bit of damage.

You do wonder what would have happened if the container had fallen into the park below during the day. Luckily the wall held it on the track. But it did happen at three in the morning.

Let’s hope this accident is not a foretaste of the future, when a lot more freight trains from London Gateway will be using the North London Line.

There doesn’t seem to be any news about when the line will reopen.

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