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The Future Of The Emirates Air Line

I’ve always liked the Emirates Air Line, but I hadn’t used it for some time until today.

As I was in the area, I used it to cross the river, this morning.

I can make these observations.

The Weather Could Have Been Better

The cable-car needs sunny weather, although I did once go across in the snow.

The Cable-Car Wasn’t Busy

Compare today’s pictures wit this one taken in February 2014.

The Cable Car Was Busy

One of the attendants said it was becoming more of a tourist attraction rather than a means of transport.

This meant today, I had a car to myself and didn’t have to share it with several excited kids.

I think too, that the weather was against visitors and tourists now know the best times to use the cable car.

In my view, when the sun is setting is by far the best.

There Are A Lot More Skyscrapers

The last time I rode across was in March 2016, after which I wrote Riding The Cable Car.

There has been a lot of high rise building in the intervening years.

I suspect that as more and more skyscrapers are built, a ride between them all across the river will become more popular.

The Line

The Line is a sculpture trail, that runs from Greenwich to the Olympic Park. The cable-car has to be used by non-swimmers  to cross the river.

The Line is connected OR or close to London’s railways as follows.

  • Stratford – Central Line, Jubilee Line, DLR, London Overground, National Rail and in the future; Crossrail.
  • Stratford High Street – DLR
  • Pudding Mill Lane – DLR
  • Bromley-by-Bow – District and Hammersmith & City Lines
  • Star Lane – DLR
  • Canning Town – Jubilee Line and DLR
  • Royal Victoria – DLR
  • North Greenwich – Jubilee Line

All these connections mean that it can be done in sections.

The Tide

The Tide is an partly elevated five km route, that will be linked to the cable-car, that will be fully-open in two years.


Crossrail will affect all travel in East London and it connects at Stratford stayion to The Line.

I don’t know the route of the Tide, but it may make walking from the O2 to Woolwich sttion for Crossrail much more relaxing.

Although it doesn’t serve Greenwich directly, I believe Crossrail will draw more tourists to the cable-car.

Docklands Light Railway

The DLR is getting new trains in the next few years and an extension to Thamesmead.

As with Crossrail it will draw more tourists to the area and the cable-car.

Thames Clippers

These are expanding and they will bring more tourists to the cable-car.


These and other factors, such as tourists venturing out of the centre of London, will mean that more vistors will explore the East and use the cable-car.

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  1. A major problem for Tge Cable Car is that it’s neither a proper tourist attraction and priced higher to make up for lack of regular users and perhaps part of tour companies day trips . But it’s also not fully integrated into TFL fares system meaning you can’t use with without paying if you hold travelcards etc , thus it’s not gained regular users either.

    Another problem is the Station at North Greenwich is isolated from North Greenwich Jubilee Line Station and despite having a busway nearby no bus stops were provided next to the Cable Car Station meaning buses simply pass by without stopping something that could easily be solved with a couple of bus stops !

    Which asks the question as to whether it should become just a tourist attraction or be fully integrated in TFL fares structure?

    It’s often been said that the Cable Car goes from nowhere to nowhere which in a sense is true given the Station on the other side of the river is also not ideally located as a transport interchange.

    One major destination the Cable Car fails to serve is Canary Wharf which is where the people are . I even had a fantasy/ fantastic (?) idea of doing a deal with Canary Wharf Group for a Cable Car Station serving a tower block floor which was was designed like an Alpine Ski Resort with bars and restaurants !

    Comment by Melvyn | May 12, 2019 | Reply

    • Ticketing is now integrated a bit better and I paid with Oyster.

      Comment by AnonW | May 12, 2019 | Reply

    • It slso bridges tge gap in The Line and is close by The Tide so I suspect it will see increasing usage.

      Comment by AnonW | May 12, 2019 | Reply

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