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Politics Just Got Even More Interesting!

I don’t know about politics, but I like to think I know about data and I have a long and deep memory.

We now have two immovable and possibly unstoppable forces on opposite sides, which have almost equal support.

  • Those that want to leave the European Union without a deal.
  • Those that want to remain in the European Union.

They are irreconcilable positions.

I remember an acrimonious takeover attempt by Imperial Chemical Industries for Courtaulds in the 1960s. Not so much, at the time but because I later worked for ICI and became friends with a guy, who had worked for British Nylon Spinners at Pontypool.

Later I became aware of Frank Kearton and his part in the stopping of the takeover.

At the time he was the Engineering Director of Courtaulds. In a Press Conference, the CEO of Courtaulds was floundering and giving a rather bad impression. A question was asked and Frank Kearton stepped in and answered it so well, he took over the Press Conference.

He became CEO and the takeover was defeated. Kearton went on to have a respected career.

I may have remember the story wrong and I suspect it’s Kearton’s version, that I’m repeating.

In the UK are in a similar position to Courtaulds in the sixties. Both major parties are almost leaderless and none of those at the top of the Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties are better than the average run-of-the-mill MPs, who generally do a good job.

We need someone to step forward to unite this country and sort out the mess.

Will he or she be one of the following?

  • Jeremy Corbyn – Anybody that far left and over seventy would be unacceptable to well over half of the population.
  • Boris Johnson – You might employ him as a salesman, but you wouldn’t employ him in any management position.
  • Vince Cable – Too old and he’s sensible enough to know it.
  • The herd of Tory leadership candidates – Perhaps one might have the qualities, and they would need to show amazing style, intelligence and oratory to even get on the final ballot.
  • Nigel Farage – The other side believe he’s the cause of the problem, so wouldn’t follow him.
  • Caroline Lucas – Green  policies are anathema to perhaps seventy percent of the country, who still fly too much and don’t buy zero-emission cars?

We need someone with amazing qualities to step out of the shadows, just as Frank Kearton did at Courtaulds.


I’ve put a small bet on my choice for the next Tory Leader and Prime Minister.


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  1. It is a good comparison James. I have looked at the results a little this morning, avoiding all those pictures of Nigel Farage with that dreadful grin. Yes, a lot of people have voted for Brexit Party BUT they were really the only pro Brexit party to get any seats. My own political stance is Lib Dem and has been since I was 17; I had to do an in-depth study for my DofE Gold award and we could choose from 2 topics, both of which were rather dull I thought when I saw them. It was 2984 – the year of 2 elections, Liberal were going on at length about voting reform, and so that was what I did my study on. Now, 45 years on, my reasons for my choice are very different, but I am still LibDem at heart. They have done well, and I am delighted about that.

    Despite NF’s crowing, I suspect if we split the votes up more people will have voted for pro-European parties than for Brexit. I was once in a situation to be sat in a board too – not for a board meeting, but because we needed to be put somewhere. I was the only LibDem, all the rest were UKIP, and fairly senior ones. Interesting few hours, it was clear they were sincere in their views, and really and truly believed UK needed to come out of EU. I was given a copy of their manifesto to read. They asked why I wasn’t interesting in stand for at next election – which is when I told them I was `LibDem. I think my concern wasn’t their UKip ideas, it was that as we chatted – for a good few hours too – was that many of them had strange ideas generally and several had taken up some “get rich quick” type schemes and were telling who all these things were “the next great thing”, or in one case “would save the planet from global warming”. With hindsight, they were gullible to people like NF.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | May 27, 2019 | Reply

  2. I would round up all the politicians, line them up against a wall and shoot the damn lot of them. They are lying self-interested swine that care only for themselves and what they can get out of being an mp. A complete new lot can then be put in place and told to get the hell on with the job that the population expect of them. Then point out what happened to their predecessors!

    Comment by mauricegreed | May 27, 2019 | Reply

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