The Anonymous Widower

Will 5G Be Another Way To Rip Off The Poor?

My late wife was a barrister, who specialised in family matters, like divorce, custody of children, adoption and money.

She had this career for about thirty years before she died in 2007.

As the years progressed, she’d talk about the latest expensive must-haves of her clients.

  • First it was video recorders and then it was mobile phones.
  • Various game consoles arrived! Whatever they are? I’ve never played a computer game in my life!
  • Then came Sky Television and large screen televisions.
  • Every child had to have the latest phone.

And now we have 5G, which promises to be the next unaffordable addiction, to go along with alcohol, drugs, pay-day loans, junk food, on-lne subscriptions and gambling!

It will drive the poor and low-paid even further into poverty.

On the train recently, I was talking to a guy with nine children.

As he was going to Court to get custody of one of the nine, and from other things he had said, I felt that the nine weren’t of the same mother.

He was living on benefits and caring for one disabled child.

How will he be able to afford nine 5G phones?

It’ll all end in tears!


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  1. Mobile phones a rip off – come off it!

    My first portable cost £2,000 in 1986, £25 per month rental with nothing included and calls 25/33p per minute. All plus VAT – equivalent to more than three times that now.

    These days a passable 3G phone can be had for under £100, a contract with inclusive minutes, text and data for under a tenner a month or one can go P&G for 3p/minute calls and 1p/MB data on two networks. Free data on Wi-Fi is very widely available.

    Virtually no one needs 5G for its 250Mbps speed, usually even 4G is overkill, however 5G does allow a huge increase in connections.

    In ‘deprived’ areas many people have given up landlines and just have a mobile because it is cheaper.

    Comment by R. Mark Clayton | May 30, 2019 | Reply

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