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Hands-Free Phone Ban For drivers ‘Should Be Considered’

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

This is the introductory paragraph.

Drivers could be banned from using hands-free mobile phones in England and Wales, a group of MPs has suggested.

I don’t drive and I rarely use a mobile phone to make or receive a phone all, so it won’t bother me much.

But sitting in my preferred slightly-raised position in the downstairs facing-seats on a New Routemaster bus, it’s amazing the number of drivers you see having a phone conversation or typing.

Recently, I nearly had a collision whilst walking along Moorgate.

A young lady going the other way was having a video call with her phone in front of her face. I went left to pass on the road side, as gentlemen are supposed to do and she went the same way.

Luckily, she saw me at the last minute!

So if drivers are to be banned from mobile use, whilst driving, what about banning pedestrians from mobile use, whilst walking on busy streets?

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Will 5G Be Another Way To Rip Off The Poor?

My late wife was a barrister, who specialised in family matters, like divorce, custody of children, adoption and money.

She had this career for about thirty years before she died in 2007.

As the years progressed, she’d talk about the latest expensive must-haves of her clients.

  • First it was video recorders and then it was mobile phones.
  • Various game consoles arrived! Whatever they are? I’ve never played a computer game in my life!
  • Then came Sky Television and large screen televisions.
  • Every child had to have the latest phone.

And now we have 5G, which promises to be the next unaffordable addiction, to go along with alcohol, drugs, pay-day loans, junk food, on-lne subscriptions and gambling!

It will drive the poor and low-paid even further into poverty.

On the train recently, I was talking to a guy with nine children.

As he was going to Court to get custody of one of the nine, and from other things he had said, I felt that the nine weren’t of the same mother.

He was living on benefits and caring for one disabled child.

How will he be able to afford nine 5G phones?

It’ll all end in tears!


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Stop It! Phone App Cries Out To Deter Japan Subway Gropers

The title of this post, is the same as that of an article on page 31 of today’s Times.

An app has been developed and deployed in Japan, where if a lady being groped on the Subway if she presses a button on the app, it displays an appropriate message on her phone.

If the groper persists, then another button, shouts out a message.

As a regular traveller on crowded London Underground and Overground trains, I know groping goes on, but I have never seen it happen, except between obviously consenting couples, who arrived and left together.

Although, you do get the odd bumping at times, but usually smiles and a sorry, say it is a genuine accident.

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I’ve Just Been Ripped Off By O2 And One Of Their Partners

For the last month or so, I have been plagued by the number 01329-277600 on both my mobile and land line. As I didn’t know who they were, I just ignored the call.

In the end, I got so fed up and looked them up on the Internet.

On, I found this review of 01329-277600.

Don’t answer, these people are O2 partners, they tricked me into updating my tariff – I was not made aware I would no longer be an o2 customer until a few months later when I called o2 and they said they couldn’t talk to me I had to ring Sync Comm! I’ve never received a contract and never signed anything – so how can they be allowed to do this! It’s a scam! They are also more expensive than o2 direct. Dishonest.

My experience was similar except tht the company was called Think Comms! But the phone number was the same!

So I phoned O2 and asked what was going on, as I have been an O2 customer for forty years and hadn’t knowingly changed from them. Someone did phone saying they were from O2 and put me on a sim-only contract, but I never received any contract or confirming e-mail.

I asked what I had to do to get back to O2 and they said I would have to pay O2 eighty pounds.

My late wife was a barrister and that sounded like blackmail to me!

So now I am posting, so that others don’t get caught in the same legal fraud!

I shall be changing to another mobile phone operator.

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