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Nuclear Option Has Been Blown Away

The title of this post is the main title of Alistair Osborne’s Business Commentary of today’s copy of The Times.

He is referring to the government’s announcement about new wind farms, that I discussed in Climate change: Offshore Wind Expands At Record Low Price.

I particularly liked his final paragraph.

And nuclear’s not even green: it comes with a vast clean-up bill. True, it brings baseload energy that wind can’t yet match. But storage technology is advancing all the time. So why’s the government persisting with last century tech that comes at a radioactive price? Yes, offshore wind might endanger a seabird that’s forgotten its specs. But, luckily, it’s a bigger threat to another species: nuclear white elephants.

Climate change is so serious, people won’t believe it’s happening and take action unless the medicine is delivered with a spoonful of humour.

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  1. So where does all this nuclear energy come from? Why it is already there in the ground, us humans just speed things up for a bit. Don’t move to say Aberdeen – background radiation is [naturally] about 50% higher than down south.

    Comment by R. Mark Clayton | September 22, 2019 | Reply

    • It’s all the granite buildings!

      Nuclear power’s big problems are that it is too expensive and that it tends to suffer from serious accidents; tsunamis, unauthorised tests and cracking of reactors. Wind turbines do fall over and offshore they just make a big splash!

      Comment by AnonW | September 22, 2019 | Reply

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