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Ipswich and Felixstowe In A New Class 755 Train

These pictures show my trip frip from Ipswich to Felixstowe and back in a new Class 755 train.

Some points about the journey.

The Class 755 Train Was Fast

Between Derby Road and Trimley stations, the train rattled on at around 70 mph, which is consistent with the current operating speed of 75 mph of the Felixstowe Branch Line.

Looking at Real Time Trains, my train yesterday took four minutes to do the eight miles between Derby Road and Trimley stations and arrived four minutes ahead of schedule.

  • The acceleration and deceleration of the new trains is much faster than that assumed for trains on the line.
  • The new track is probably capable of handling faster trains.
  • The figures on Real Time Trains have a measure of error.

Once the Class 755 train had cleared the junction at the start of the loop, the freight train waiting to come out could leave.

The New Loop

The train I took, illustrated how the new loop allows a passenger train to into into Felixstowe, at the same time as a freight train is coming out.

  • The freight train positions itself in the loop.
  • The Class 755 train, goes like a rat up a drainpipe down the Northern track and stops into Trimley station.
  • As soon as the Class 755 train has passed the freight train, the freight train continues through Derby Road and Westerfield stations  to the Great Eastern Main Line..

It looks like the performance of the Class 755 trains, is used to make sure the required timetable is kept.

Could A Second Half-Hourly Service Passenger Service On The Branch?


  • Felixstowe and the surrounding villages is an area that could be developed with more housing, so there could be a large increase in passenger traffic between Ipswich and Felixstowe.
  • The new trains could be very successful in attracting new passengers to the route.

I would be very surprised if Network Rail had designed the new loop at Trimley, without a plan to allow it to be upgrdaed to a half-hourly service.

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