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Who Needs Offices? Zopa Doesn’t!

opa’s update to all their investors yesterday.

It had a sub-heading of At Zopa!

Finally, a quick update on where we’re at as a company. All of our staff are still working remotely. Our diligent preplanning for a situation in which we could lose access to our offices has meant we’ve been able to continue to serve our customers throughout the pandemic, while also implementing new solutions to adapt to this unprecedented situation. Like other businesses, we’ve been planning for what a return to our offices looks like. But as we’ve been able to keep serving your needs while operating from home, we are in no rush. Being in this position allows us to stay focused on supporting your needs during this challenging moment.

How many companies after we are through the COVID-19 pandemic will decide to downsize their office requirements considerably?

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  1. A great many I suspect. I have to say though some of my friends who are working from home are enjoying it because they say that they feel lonely and isolated. My older daughter could not do her job from home, she is doing what she can at present, but it wouldn’t be possible long term. Younger daughter and her partner are both working from home. Daughter and her work colleagues are having video chats instead of phone calls during the day if they need to discuss something, and she says that is better, u see people. Not sure what her partner is doing, but he has a lot of online meetings. And they all go out for walks – older daughter sometimes does very long walks. Younger one and partner, do very long bike rides as well. And long runs – both are marathon runners.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | June 18, 2020 | Reply

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