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Beeching Reversal – Glazebrook Junction And Skelton Junction

This is one of the Beeching Reversal projects that the Government and Network Rail are proposing to reverse some of the Beeching cuts.

This Wikipedia entry, which is entitled Glazebrook East Junction–Skelton Junction Line. gives a lot of information.

Closure Of Passenger Services

This is said.

As part of the London Midland region of BR, It remained a busy line with trains from Liverpool Central and Warrington Central up until the mid-1960s. It was only on the withdrawal of these stopping passenger services in 1964 that all the stations closed along the line.

Where did the services terminate?

I would assume it was Stockport.

Closure Of Freight Services

This is said.

The line carried on as freight only until 1983 when Cadishead Viaduct was in need of serious and costly repair. British Rail decided rather than repairing the viaduct to close it and mothball the line. The tracks were lifted in the mid-1980s from Glazebrook to Partington.

This Google Map shows Cadishead Viaduct over the Manchester Ship Canal, which appears to need some TLC.

It looks to be in similar condition to that of this bridge at Tottenham Hale station in London, before it was replaced.

This Google Map show the bridge at Tottenham Hale now.

It certainly looks a lot better and was installed in a few days over Christmas.

It might be expensive but it certainly looks possible, to add a pair of replacements at Cadishead Viaduct.

Glazebrook Junction

This is said about Glazebrook Junction.

As of 2010 Glazebrook East Junction is still intact and remains part of the national network. The junction towards Cadishead on the original deviation is also still in place with a powered signal lamp showing a permanent red signal. This short section of track from the still live passing loop at Glazebrook East Junction towards Cadishead on the original non-deviated line is permanently point locked. The short section ends near a barrow crossing shortly before a bridge carrying a bridleway above.

This Google Map shows the Junction and Glazebrook station.


  1. Glazebrook station is in the South-West corner of the map.
  2. The line to be reinstated leaves the map in the South-East corner.

Could there be space for a double-track junction?

Skelton Junction

This is said about Skelton junction.

The tracks from Skelton Junction to the south east of Partington were left and remained intact for chemical trains for a local chemical plant. These trains continued to use this route until 10 October 1993. To this day however this part of the line is intact but disused; the signal lamps at Skelton Junction remain powered red. Also in 2005 this part of the track saw some work; vegetation clearance took place for the line to reopen for freight but this fell through.

This Google Map shows Skelton junction.

Note, that from Skelton junction it appears, it is an easy run to Stockport station.


Four stations from the route have closed.

Baguley station could be an interesting station, as it would be possible to create an interchange with the Manchester Metrolink. Wikipedia says this.

Proposals were made in the early 2000s to reopen a station in the Baguley area when the extension of the Metrolink out to Wythenshawe and Manchester Airport is actioned. In May 2011 re-opening of the station on the Stockport-Altrincham line was included in Transport for Greater Manchester’s Passenger Plan. The station would be on Southmoor Road and would be a tram/train interchange with the Baguley tram stop, which opened in 2014.

This Google Map shows the possible Baguley Interchange.


  1. The North-South road is Southmoor Road.
  2. The Metrolink branch to the Airport runs alongside.
  3. The Stockport and Altrincham Line crosses East-West towards the North of the map.

If you take a train between Manchester Piccadilly and Chester via Stockport, Navigation Road, Altrincham and Knutsford, you cross on the railway through here.

So perhaps a Baguley Interchange station, would help some people get to and from Manchester Airport?

Future Train Services

It would appear that at the simplest level it creates a passenger connection between Liverpool Lime Street and Manchester Piccadilly stations via South West Manchester and Stockport.

There are also large projects underway, close to Glazebrook.

Climate Emission Killer: Construction Begins On World’s Biggest Liquid Air Battery

railfuture On The Castlefield Problem

Will these two projects and others like them by the Manchester Ship Canal, create the need for more passenger and freight trains to the area?


It looks to me, that opening this new passenger train route could be very beneficial for those that live, work and play in the area.

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  3. What about heading east instead of west at Glazebrook to serve Irlam and beyond?

    Comment by Mike Dyson | October 26, 2020 | Reply

    • It would be a tight turn for a train, but a tram-train might manage it. I also think the link to the West would be needed for freight to access the new freight terminal in the area.

      The cheapest way would be to build a bay platform at Glazebrook station and reverse the train to change routes.

      Comment by AnonW | October 26, 2020 | Reply

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