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Net Zero: Alternatives To Hydrogen

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on The Chemical Engineer.

This is the introductory sub-title.

An alternative view for how the UK can achieve net zero for housing and other users, without the wholesale use of hydrogen.

I agree with a lot of what the author says.

  • Better insulated houses with heat pumps, battery and thermal storage, and renewable energy.
  • The production of green hydrogen for use as a chemical feedstock.
  • Biofuels could be promising for heavy haulage, ships and trains.

I do think though, that he ignores, what I think will be a big market for hydrogen – the powering of vehicles like buses, trucks and freight trains in urban areas.

In fact, I believe that the hauling of freight trains, is a classic use for a battery electric locomotive, with a hydrogen-powered range extender.

Read the article!


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Edinburgh Waverley Masterplan

The title of this post, is the same as that of this page on the Network Rail web site.

This is the sub-title.

Creating A Vision For The Future Of Waverley Station.

Edinburgh Waverley station has improved it, in the near forty years, I’ve used it, but future growth in traffic will mean more capacity and further improvements will be needed.

The page on the Network Rail web site links to a pdf file, which lays out current thinking, which will go forward for consultation and creation of the final design.

If this results in stations as good as London Bridge and Kings Cross in London, Edinburgh will have the gateway station, that it needs.

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Long Train Runnin’

I went to Heathrow today, in a nine car Class 345 train.


  1. This service is the replacement for Heathrow Connect.
  2. My trains left from and returned to Platform 11 in Paddington station. But although perhaps eighty percent of Heathrow Terminal 5 services appear to use this platform, not all do!

At least something is at last going right for Crossrail!


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