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Is The NHS The Cause Of The Rise In The Covids?

I was lying in my morning bath thinking this morning and I had the heretic thought, which is the title of this post.

How many prominent people in the UK have died from an attack of the covids? There have been some at an advanced age, but generally they were suffering from something else as well!

The highest profile person to be hospitalised by the covids, has been Boris. But despite his weight and obesity, he came through it unscathed, due to excellent care in an NHS hospital!

I’m 73 now, but if I look back to my twenties and thirties, I see an optimistic, fit, slim guy, who felt he was immune from health problems. I can also only remember one of my peers at Liverpool University in the 1960s going into hospital and it was so memorable, I can’t remember what he had.

The youth of the UK, don’t think the covids will happen to them and growing up in an NHS, which has looked after their every need, when they look around them, they feel it will get them through, if they catch the virus.

So the fact that the NHS is there and got the fat Boris, through it, means that they think, they’ll be alright in the end.


The success of the NHS could be a factor in the rise of lab-confirmed cases of the covids.

Are other countries with good health systems, that coped with the first wave, xperiencing a second one?

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  1. I think awareness is arising of “Long Covid” (longlasting symptoms post recovery in a few) which may influence a few younger people.

    And, correlation is not causation and this is very subjective, but I don’t think Boris has been quite as “with it” post Covid as he was before covid, based on limited viewing of media reporting. And I am not alone in that opinion amongst my acquaintances. (Disclosure: I was not a fan even when he was Mayor of London)

    Comment by MilesT | October 7, 2020 | Reply

  2. I also think with Boris, as it did with me, a brush with death makes you slow down. Mine wasn’t the covids, but a stroke ten years ago. I distinctly remember the guy, who used to sit next to me at the football at Ipswich, saying about a year after I had the stroke, I’d got my sparkle back!

    Comment by AnonW | October 7, 2020 | Reply

  3. I tend to agree, consider how many infected elderly people were shunted out of the way into care homes to hopefully die. After all look at the benefits of no people over 65. No pension money drain, no insurance payouts ( most policies used to end at 65), no local authority money to divert from councillors hair-brained money wasting schemes. A win win situation, no old people telling the young what to do next. We are now officially told by Boy Hancock that Cancer sufferes will get no treatment, hard luck! Yes one takes longer to recover from near death illnesses as one ages, so as the NHS is now over-staffed, will they cull all the useless bureaucrats who run it from their foreign Dacchas? of course not, the money will go in bungs to their mates in the Private sector. Look at the billions paid to their old pals running an eleven employee business employing David Cameron. It makes the Royals look positively parsimonious with their billion pound empire. I bet the Mayor of London can help!

    Comment by jagracer | October 7, 2020 | Reply

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