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Coeliac Journey Through Covid-19 – Posts To Make You Think

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Posts To Make You Think

Is Putin Coeliac?

The Luck Of The Genes

Should Those With Long Covid Be Checked For Coeliac Disease?

Why A Lucky Few May Help The Rest Of Us Beat Disease

Coeliac Disease And Atrial Fibrillation

Why Do More Elderly Men Die Of The Covids Than Women?

Covid Leaves Wave Of Wearied Souls In Pandemic’s Wake

AstraZeneca May Explain Britain’s Lower Death Rate

Infection, Mortality And Severity Of Covid-19 In Coeliac Disease – Prof Jonas Ludvigsson

Voters In Trump Counties Far More Likely To Die Of Covid

Hay Fever, Coeliac Disease And The AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine

My INR Readings Before And After My Second AstraZeneca Jab

Blood Clot Risk Eight Times Higher From Covid Than AstraZeneca Vaccine, Study Finds

Blood Clots In Young German Ladies After AstraZeneca Vaccine

Blood Clots And Vaccines

Long Covid And Coeliac Disease

A Slight Problem With Covid-19 Vaccination

Should Coeliacs On A Long-Term Gluten-Free Diet Have The Pfizer Or AstraZeneca Vaccine?

Two More Life-Saving Covid Drugs Discovered

My Advice To Coeliacs On A Gluten-Free Diet Concerning The Covids

Did I Have A Close Brush With Covid-19?

Risk of COVID-19 In Celiac Disease Patients

Covid: Genes Hold Clues To Why Some People Get Severely Ill

Thoughts On Mass Vaccination

Any Politician Who Advocates A Circuit Breaker Is Ignoring The Dynamics

Why The Covids Are Worse In The North

Is The NHS The Cause Of The Rise In The Covids?

A Curious Link Between Pancreatic Cancer And COVID-19

Thoughts On COVID-19 On Merseyside

Care Homes In England Had Greatest Increase In Excess Deaths At Height Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

Should The NHS Adopt A Whack-A-Coeliac Policy?

Coeliac Disease: Can We Avert The Impending Epidemic In India?

Dexamethasone Declared First Drug To Save Lives Of Coronavirus Patients

Oxford And Cambridge Compared On COVID-19

COVID-19 Pandemic In Cambodia

Thoughts On Coeliacs And COVID-19

Jews In The UK And COVID-19

What Happened In Hackney On Friday?

A Thought On Deaths Of The Elderly From Covid-19

Is Undiagnosed Coeliac Disease A Possible Explanation For High Deaths From Covid-19 Amongst Those Of Caribbean And Jewish Heritage?

High Risk Of Coeliac Disease In Punjabis. Epidemiological Study In The South Asian And European Populations Of Leicestershire



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