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Gravity, The Ultimate In Energy Storage

This is a must read article on

It talks about three methods of storing energy using gravity.


Gravitricity is under development in Edinburgh

Energy Vault

An image explaining the principle of Energy Vault is also shown.

The Energy Vault web site has some impressive video.

They could be a company to watch. Especially, when they have a battery working, where it can be viewed in action, as it will look like a gigantic many-armed robotic child, playing with thirty-five tonne concrete bricks.

Vázquez Figueroa

This writer from the Canaries has come up with an interesting idea, which combines an energy storage system with water desalination. This is his website. Unfortunately for me, it’s in Spanish only.

This is’s description of the idea.

Figueroa’s idea is conceptually very simple. Pumping water from the sea to an elevated reservoir, using renewable energy for the process when it is not in demand. Then, in a total win-win, the writer proposes to release that water into a vacuum (as in a traditional hydroelectric power station) which would move a turbine generating electricity. But also, and here’s the genius, that salty water could fall on a semi-permeable membrane, so that it desalinated. Clean electricity and fresh water for the same price. Who gives more?

It certainly sounds feasible.

It sounds to me, though it could be paired with another idea, I read about a couple of years ago.

  • A reservoir would be built on a high place close to the sea.
  • Pumps driven by the waves would pump seawater into the reservoir.
  • When electricity is needed, water is released from the reservoir through turbines.
  • There would be no reason, why the water discharged from the turbines couldn’t be desalinated.

Never underestimate the power of innovation. Especially, when it is fuelled by convivial company and appropriate beers!

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