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Have Any Readers Of This Blog Faced a Situation, Where They Had To Win?

From the age of ten, I was seriously bullied at both Primary School and my Grammar School.

The bullying cumulated at the age of fourteen, when the worst of the school bullies broke my left humerus. It wasn’t one bit funny and even a couple of ,months ago, I ended up in hospital, because my humerus started playing up. I wrote about it in A  Mysterious Attack On My Body.

The Usher At My wedding to C, who was a Metropolitan Police Constable did something positive.

He showed me how to break away from an attacker and hopefully do some quick damage.

Certainly his advice worked, when a thief in Naples tried to take my Rolex.

He was heavier than I am and I forced him to run off, after I heard something snap in his hand.

When I got back to Suffolk, I was seen by the locum at the GP’s surgery.

He was a large rugby-playing Scot called Donald from the Isle of Skye, who had played prop forward for the island.

My only injury was a few stitches in the top of my head and his diagnosis was that I’d live.

So far he has been proved right, but I do wonder, if the severe blow to the head contributed to my history of strokes since.

The long arm and methods of the Metropolitan Police can reach a long way!

As to my attacker, I wonder how his broken hand curbed his criminality.


I now am much more careful and haven’t suffered another attack despite visiting Naples and other dangerous places. since.

But everybody must be prepared for an attack. surprise or otherwise.


I wonder if  [ast night those three footballers were expecting an attack from racists after the match as they had seen  it so many times before.

So the worry made them miss the penalties.

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  1. Nothing made them miss the penalties but then I did not watch the match.. It’s not unusual for goalies to be able to ‘read’ the kicker’s intention.

    Comment by Thomas Carr | July 12, 2021 | Reply

  2. Interesting idea James. I know nothing at all about football, and didnt watch the match.

    However, I do know that England seem to lose on penalties fairly often. Which I guess could be a bit off putting. In our local paper, ex footballer Roy Keane commented that the men who missed the penalties were comparatively inexperienced in playing at this level. Another interesting point. And why did Gareth Southgate select those players – was he it reverse racism, expecting to be criticised if he picked white players.

    Marcus Rashford is from a fairly poor part of Manchester, Wythenshawe, and his family had a low income. He has done a massive amount of work in the Greater Manchester area to overcome food poverty for the children of today. He is a good man, and doesn’t deserve the horrible things which were said to him and there other men.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | July 13, 2021 | Reply

  3. Just surrender the watch.. then no one is harmed. These earthly trinkets are ultimately valueless, certainly as regards the love you must have for your brother who is in real or perceived need..

    Comment by Phil Jones | July 13, 2021 | Reply

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