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Violence Against Women

The BBC is rightly having a campaign against domestic violence and violence against women in general.

It also appears to me, that women seem to get killed and attacked, a lot more than they did a couple of decades ago.

Is there too much violence against women in TV dramas, so men with small brains think it is acceptable? Surely, it is also wrong to have a TV drama called Killing Eve?

I have only watched a couple of TV dramas or films, in the last couple of years; Some Like It Hot and SAS Rogue Heroes.

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Have Any Readers Of This Blog Faced a Situation, Where They Had To Win?

From the age of ten, I was seriously bullied at both Primary School and my Grammar School.

The bullying cumulated at the age of fourteen, when the worst of the school bullies broke my left humerus. It wasn’t one bit funny and even a couple of ,months ago, I ended up in hospital, because my humerus started playing up. I wrote about it in A  Mysterious Attack On My Body.

The Usher At My wedding to C, who was a Metropolitan Police Constable did something positive.

He showed me how to break away from an attacker and hopefully do some quick damage.

Certainly his advice worked, when a thief in Naples tried to take my Rolex.

He was heavier than I am and I forced him to run off, after I heard something snap in his hand.

When I got back to Suffolk, I was seen by the locum at the GP’s surgery.

He was a large rugby-playing Scot called Donald from the Isle of Skye, who had played prop forward for the island.

My only injury was a few stitches in the top of my head and his diagnosis was that I’d live.

So far he has been proved right, but I do wonder, if the severe blow to the head contributed to my history of strokes since.

The long arm and methods of the Metropolitan Police can reach a long way!

As to my attacker, I wonder how his broken hand curbed his criminality.


I now am much more careful and haven’t suffered another attack despite visiting Naples and other dangerous places. since.

But everybody must be prepared for an attack. surprise or otherwise.


I wonder if  [ast night those three footballers were expecting an attack from racists after the match as they had seen  it so many times before.

So the worry made them miss the penalties.

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Is There A Connection Between The Rise Of Knife Crime And Brexit?

This may seem an outrageous suggestion to make!

However, serious knife crime seemed to increase around or just after the Brexit referendum.

But the Brexit Referendum on the 23 June 201, does seem to have brought out the worst in some people.

  • Jo Cox was murdered just seven days earlier.
  • Since then there has been the rise of the far-right.
  • MPs of all colours have received terrible abuse on social media.
  • Racist chants seem to have reappeared at some football matches.
  • The Labour Party has had a row on anti-semitism.

I’m no psychologist, but it’s almost as if the Brexit result has said it’s alright to go against established norms.

I wonder if crime rose in the Phoney War in 1940.

This page on History Extra is entitled 10 Facts About Crime On The Home Front iI The Second World War.

Read it and see what you think!


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Is Violence Really In Decline?

The respected study from Cardiff University on violence as reported on the BBC’s web site is saying that injuries due to violence is at a new low. This is the first two paragraphs.

The number of violence-related injuries in England and Wales is at its lowest level for at least 15 years, an annual study suggests.

Cardiff University’s survey of 117 hospital units showed about 211,000 victims of violence went to hospital in 2014 – 10% fewer than in 2013.

All sorts of explanations have been offered and they’re probably all a bit responsible.

Since I moved here to Dalston in 2010, one of the biggest differences, is that the streets just feel so much safer. It’s only a personal view and not backed by any statistics, but generally everything just seems a lot quieter.


I put it down to an long list of little factors, which have worked together to create the improvement. The Overground has opened, pavements, the built environment and buses have improved, there are busy cafes everywhere and generally you see more families and older people on the street.

I think it’s probably mainly down to the beneficial link between a better environment and improved behaviour, that has been suggested by Stephen Bayley and other commentators.

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Violence In The Middle East

David Aaronovitch in his piece in The Times today entitled, Moderate Muslims – It’s Time To Be Outraged, makes some very good points.

But this fact is telling.

In the Israel-Palestine conflict 10,000 have been killed in the past 25 years, compared to 100,000 in Syria in just three.

All are one too many!

But where are the moderate Muslims trying to sort this violent mess out?

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Does Our Talking About Them Encourage ISIS?

The insurgents called ISIS in Iraq are very much driven by clever use of social media and the news, to put forward their violent psychopathic philosophy.

So does our worrying on news programs and in the newspapers, actually encourage them to do something even worse in the UK?

We should not ignore them, be vigilant and have plans in place, but perhaps to keep quiet in public might be the best course of action? All we’re doing is perhaps encouraging disaffecting people to join the organisation and various other elements to take direct action.

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The Psychopaths Are Trying To Run The Asylum

One news story stood out on the BBC this lunchtime. It was all about how jogging has been banned in Burundi and can get you many years in jail.

I noticed this paragraph in the story.

The 49-year-old president, for his part, remains an enthusiastic consumer of team games – football in particular.

He has his own side, Hallelujah FC, for whom, according to government leaflets, he plays as a striker and often scores goals.

So it’s not just Muslim fanatcs who are three parts round the bend.

The news is depressing with more fighting and massacres in Iraq due to ISIS, dozens killed in Kenya by Al Shabab, kidnappings in Israel probably by Hamas and all the Boko Haram troubles in Nigeria.

Although those four seem to say they support Islam, many of those they kill seem to be Muslims too!

I sometimes think that this section of mindless violence will only end when the various divisions have eliminated each other.

It just gets more depressing!

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Is Facebook Beyond The Pale?

The news that Facebook is to allow violent videos and pictures to be uploaded, as reported here.

But they still have a ban on nudity!

They are a disgrace, but there is no way you can legislate them along a rightful path.

We must educate everybody, so that violence of all forms becomes just a bad memory.



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Fatal Blow For John Lewis Store At Sprucefield

This is the headline over a report on the BBC web site. It concerns the political arguments about John Lewis opening a department store in Northern Ireland.

Personally, I think they would be very brave to do it, given the stupid fuss being created by so-called Loyalists about the flying of flags.

The article does suggest John Lewis might open in the Republic.  Now that would probably be a sounder business decision, as the only organised violence there generally happens at places like Croke Park and the Aviva Stadium.

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How Much Would We Need To Pay the Irish To Take Northern Ireland Off Our Hands?

I’ve just heard yet another pointless argument on BBC Radio 5 about Northern Ireland.

Whatever we do, the situation seems to get worse and worse.

Now the argument is about flying the Union flag on Belfast City Hall.

Surely, as it’s the UK’s flag, then the UK should say who could fly it.

I just wonder how much the Irish government would need to rid us of our turbulent province?

They probably don’t want it either!

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