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Is Trump’s Cabinet More White And Male Than Any First Cabinet Since Reagan?

The title of this post is the same as the title on this article on the Politifact web site.

It surely says something about Trump’s mealy-mouthed response to the events of this weekend in Charlottesville.


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Governor LePage Is Angry At Being Called A Racist

According to this article on the BBC, Governor LePage is angry at being called a racist. I’m angry too, at how such a man got to be the Governor of a US State.

The man and those who voted for him are an effing disgrace! And incredibly stupid too!

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Racism In Moscow

One of the stories dominating the news on my trip north was the racial abuse of Yaya Toure in Moscow by so-called fans of CSKA Moscow.

I shall be looking forward to the fifth of November and the return fixture in Manchester.

Knowing Manchester City fans, they might come up with an unusual and probably humorous protest, that everybody, except racists, will applaud.

As my father often said, there’s nothing that bigots, fascists and bullies hate more than ridicule.

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