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Dwell Time On High Speed Two Trains

This document on the Government web site is the Train Technical Specification for High Speed Two trains.

There is a Section 7.15.6, which is entitled Dwell Time

This is said.

The Unit shall deliver 95% confidence of achieving a Dwell Time of 2 minutes at intermediate stations, calculated in accordance with the Static Dwell Time Model in Appendix I using the 1SL.

The rationale is also given.

Achievement of a two-minute Dwell Time is key to achievement of HS2 railway capacity and journey times.

The Static Dwell Time Model evaluates the key architectural elements of the interior layout that impact the Passenger exchange part of Dwell Time.

Dwell time is mentioned many times in the Technical Specification.

There is a Section, which is entitled Train Captain Changeover Time

This is said.

The Unit shall facilitate a changeover of Train Captains within a two-minute Dwell Time.

In this time period there shall be time for the exiting Train Captain to:

    • Release and opening doors.
    • Log out of the Cab
    • Exit the Cab and Unit.

In this time period there shall be time for the entering Train Captain to:

    • Enter the Unit and Cab
    • Log in to the Cab
    • Adjust Cab setting to the Train Captain’s personal preferences
    • Fulfil the Train Captain’s role in closing doors, which does not include checking the PTI.

Note how all these actions must be performed in a two-minute dwell time.

The Technical Specification is certainly very detailed.

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  2. A 2 minute dwell time is NOT going to happen.

    They seem to have forgotten about the passengers.

    How do you manage a lot of passengers getting off and on with luggage.

    No way will I be harnessed by a short dwell time. I and my family will get off and on in my time.

    Should be a 5 minute dwell.

    Comment by chilterntrev | August 27, 2021 | Reply

    • They’re pretty confident it will happen.

      In this post, I showed that the average dwell time is just fifty seconds on the District Line. A more powerful train with better acceleration and braking could probably do better.

      Comment by AnonW | August 27, 2021 | Reply

  3. Well, yes the Train Technical Specification for High Speed Two trains is wide ranging and is at least a pretty good high level document focussing as it should on being a performance specification.
    As ever my own rail experience makes me look a little closer. The rescue coupler (clause is a bit odd in that requires these trains to be recovered by existing trains fitted with a specific Dellner type 12 Coupler. On the the face of it this requirement is reasonable so far as operation applies 0 on ECML/WCML, however if Classic Compatible Trains are to be run on the same line as High Speed units which could have subtly different couplers (both Dellner and Voith specify type 10 couplers) is there an issue in rescuing units on HS2?
    Unless the type 10 and 12 Coupler heads are identical I suspect they’ll need to revisit the wording.
    Makes you wonder whether other revisions will be necessary.

    Comment by fammorris | August 28, 2021 | Reply

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