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Silicon Roundabout – 28th August 2021

The big push started today to open the new entrance to Old Street Station in Cowper Street.

According to this page on the TfL web site, which is entitled, Old Street Roundabout, these changes will happen on the 31st August 2021.

  • The new entrance at Cowper Street will open and will provide direct access for customers to the station.
  • Subway 1 (northeast exit) will be permanently closed. Subway 3 (southwest exit) will remain open
  • The staircase at Subway 4 (northwest exit), will re-open and the ramp at Subway 4 will permanently close. The green line leading to Moorfields Eye Hospital will be reinstated along the stairs

I took these pictures from a 21 bus, this morning.


  1. The first four pictures show the North-West exit, which is Subway 4.
  2. The sides of the steps at Subway 4 seem just to need application ofsurface finish and handrails.
  3. In the last picture, it looks like the contractors are getting ready to resurface the South-East corner.

I also took this picture of the Cowper Street entrance yesterday.

The entrance looks to be not far from finished behind the hoarding.

If I get a chance, I’ll go back and have a look sometime in the weekend.



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Southall Station – 28th August 2021

Southall station is now another station, that is ready for Elizabeth!

I took these pictures this morning.


  1. It appears all four current platforms will be getting step-free access with lifts.
  2. The leg of the bridge to Platform 1 hasn’t been completed, although the lift tower is in place.
  3. The station signage is bi-lingual; English and Punjabi.
  4. A new modern station building has been added to the North of the original station building, which opened in 1839.
  5. A level walkway runs between  the new station building and the footbridge.

This Google Map shows the station.


  1. This image was taken during building of the footbridge.
  2. The new station building and the walkway to the footbridge don’t appear to have been erected at the time of the image.
  3. The Southern pair of lines are the fast lines that go through Platforms 1 and 2.
  4. The Northern pair of lines are the slow lines that go through Platforms 3 and 4, which will be used by Crossrail.
  5. There is a fifth unused platform face, that shares the island and the stairs and future lift with Platform 1.

This map from shows the lines through the station in detail.

Note the single line coming in from the South-East is the freight-only Brentford Branch.

A Passenger Service On The Brentford Branch

It would appear that, when the builders complete the step-free footbridge at Southall station, that there will be a step-free interchange between Crossrail and any future passenger service on the Brentford Branch.

I feel that the Brentford Branch would be ideal for one of Adrian Shooter‘s Pop-Up-Metros, that would use Vivarail‘s Class 230 trains or similar.

In its simplest form a train would just shuttle between Brentford and the unnumbered fifth platform at Southall station.

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