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Southall Station – 28th August 2021

Southall station is now another station, that is ready for Elizabeth!

I took these pictures this morning.


  1. It appears all four current platforms will be getting step-free access with lifts.
  2. The leg of the bridge to Platform 1 hasn’t been completed, although the lift tower is in place.
  3. The station signage is bi-lingual; English and Punjabi.
  4. A new modern station building has been added to the North of the original station building, which opened in 1839.
  5. A level walkway runs between  the new station building and the footbridge.

This Google Map shows the station.


  1. This image was taken during building of the footbridge.
  2. The new station building and the walkway to the footbridge don’t appear to have been erected at the time of the image.
  3. The Southern pair of lines are the fast lines that go through Platforms 1 and 2.
  4. The Northern pair of lines are the slow lines that go through Platforms 3 and 4, which will be used by Crossrail.
  5. There is a fifth unused platform face, that shares the island and the stairs and future lift with Platform 1.

This map from shows the lines through the station in detail.

Note the single line coming in from the South-East is the freight-only Brentford Branch.

A Passenger Service On The Brentford Branch

It would appear that, when the builders complete the step-free footbridge at Southall station, that there will be a step-free interchange between Crossrail and any future passenger service on the Brentford Branch.

I feel that the Brentford Branch would be ideal for one of Adrian Shooter‘s Pop-Up-Metros, that would use Vivarail‘s Class 230 trains or similar.

In its simplest form a train would just shuttle between Brentford and the unnumbered fifth platform at Southall station.

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Expansion At Southall Station (?)

This Google Map shows Southall station.



  1. Southall station with one side and two island platforms towards the top of the map.
  2. Two fast and two slow railway lines going East towards Paddington station.
  3. A large commercial and residential development called The West Works to the South of the map.

And this map from shows a map of the railway lines in the area.


  1. The two East-West fast lines, that are shown in black are used for Great Western Railway expresses and Heathrow Express services.
  2. The two East-West railway lines, that are shown in blue, will be used for Crossrail and other slow services into Paddington.
  3. Platforms and numbers South to North, with 1 and 2 serving the fast lines and 3 and 4 serving the slower services.
  4. The line going off to the South-East is the Brentford Branch Line.

These are pictures I took of a new step-free bridge that will link the platforms at Southall station.


  1. The bridge will definitely have access to platforms 1 and 2 and 3, and I would assume it will also serve platform 4.
  2. The bridge will have lifts.
  3. The West Works can be seen in the last picture.

Even now it looks to be a comprehensive scheme.

Access Between Southall Station And The West Works

Thjs picture was taken from the islans platform 2 and 3 in July 2015 and clearly shows a rusty footbridge, that has since been demolished.


I would assume the bridge used to provide access across the railway.

Has the new bridge been designed so that, it can be extended at both ends to give full step-free access across the railway and provide a step-free route between The West Works and Southall station?

Serving A Future Brentford Branch

Hounslow Council is keen to reopen the Brentford Branch Line, to link Btrntfprd to Southall station for Crossrail.

I wrote about it in Plans To Reopen The Brentford To Southall Railway.

This recent Google Map shows the Southernmost of the two island plsatforms at Southall station.

The island platform seems to have a few blue safety hoardings.

  • The Down Fast line from Paddington is on the North side.
  • It is likely, that the platform for the Brentford Branch Line will be on the South side.

For safety reasons, there will probably be a safety fence down the middle of the platform.

Passengers needing to change between Crossrail and the Brentford Branch Line will have to use the bridge.

I would assume that the step-free bridge will only need minor improvements to accommodate the Brentford Branch Line.

Southall’s Suicide Problem

I suspect that safety fences will be put on platforms 1 and 2, which will be only used occasionally and under strict supervision, to minimise the suicide problem at the station.

Southall Gasworks Site

Whilst at Southall, I’ll take a look at the massive Southall Gas Works site.

It is shown on this Google Wap to the West of Southall station.

It is likely to be over three thousand houses and flats.

  • So that will surely mean a similar number of cars.
  • Can the roads in the area cope?
  • What about the air quality?

Are there any plans for an innovative rail connection to the station? And cycleways through the site?


It does seem that the bridge will allow limited expansion of the station.

I feel very strongly, that the type of housing developments being built around Southall station, must be built with step-free access to a rail station or tram stop.

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Network Rail Awards Final West London Station Upgrade Contracts For Crossrail Project

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Rail Professional.

The stations are Acton Main Line, Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, Southall, Hayes & Harlington and West Drayton.

New buildings and step-free access is planned to be completed by December 2020.


About time!

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Development Of The Southall Gas Works Site

I took these pictures as my train went past the former Southall Gas Works to the West of Ealing station.

This was where there used to be a gasholder with a helpful sign, showing the way to Heathrow..

You can just see the L of LHR and the arrow.

This Google Map shows the site.

It is going to be a big development.

There are some older pictures from 2016 in What A Waste Of Valuable Land.

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Southall Station – 19th April 2019

These pictures show Southall station.

The station still needs the new footbridge to be installed and lifts from the station buildings to the platforms.

It appears that there will be a Crossrail train every six minutes  all day in both directions.

The Missing Footbridge

This picture was taken on July 4th, 2016.

Note the footbridge across the station, that doesn’t appear in the pictures I took today.

This picture, that I took today, clearly shows blue barriers around places where the footbridge might be installed on the two island platforms.

Is it a replacement bridge over the station  being installed, or is it just a footbridge connecting the platforms?

Or could it be for both purposes?

Preparing For The Brentford Branch

This map from shows the layout of lines at Southall station.


  1. The pair of lines at the top  in blue are Crossrail
  2. The pair of lines in the middle are the fast lines.
  3. The single line going off to the East is the Brentford Branch Line, which has been proposed for reopening.

It would appear that the layout of the footbridge and the lifts would give good access to the Southernmost platform, which is connected to the Brentford Branch line.

So it looks like, that after the station has been refurbished and made step-free, connecting the Brentford Branch line would not be difficult.

As the Brentford Branch is only four miles long, a modern train like a Class 230, Class 710 or a Class 321 Hydrogen train,  could do two round trips per hour between Southall and Brentford stations.

Crossrail To Reading In December 2019

As current rumours are that Crossrail will open in December to Reading, it looks like the station will be usable.

It is planned that Southall station will have a train every six minutes.

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Southall Station – 28th March 2016

I took these pictures today at Southall station.

It looks like as at Hayes and Harlington station, some of the catenary has been replaced or updated.

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Southall Station – 4th July 2015

These pictures were taken at Southall station.

Ealing Council has also given planning permission for the new station and also for West Ealing station as is reported in this article on


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Before Crossrail – Southall

The Manor Park Of The West – Rating 2/10

Southall is not quite as much of a ruin as Manor Park, but it has a great air of demolition about it.

A lot of these pictures are irrelevant as Southall will be replaced completely according to Crossrail. They say this.

A new Crossrail station will be built just to the north of the existing building on the South Road railway bridge. The wider Southall area is likely to change substantially in future years due to large scale redevelopment sites such as the Southall Gas Works site which has permission for 3,750 homes. There is enormous potential for improvement in the area around Southall station.

The plans look a darn sight better, than what is there today.

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