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Silicon Roundabout – 31st August 2021

The builders did it. Or at least these sections of the project.

  • Getting the roads open.
  • Opening the Cowper Street entrance.

These pictures show the roads in the area at around 09:30 this morning.

The traffic seemed to be moving freely, but there weren’t many cyclists.

This second gallery shows the new Cowper Street entrance to Old Street station.

I was able to enter the station, through the new entrance.

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  1. “The traffic seemed to be moving freely, but there weren’t many cyclists”. Indeed where are all the cyclists? The road space that has been set aside for cyclists seems to be virtually empty most of the time. Many cyclists seem to prefer to use the pavement anyway.

    Comment by JohnC | August 31, 2021 | Reply

  2. My sentiments too. Extra wide cycle lanes going in everywhere and hardly used. They say this is to benefit the cyclists but it seems the intention is to impede traffic.

    Comment by Maurice Reed | August 31, 2021 | Reply

  3. I actually think that many believed that the junction wouldn’t be open and were avoiding it.

    But it does appear that the road width has been improved on the roundabout, as they have pinched areas from the centre and the outside.

    I talked to a taxi driver a couple of days ago and he was very pleased with the traffic flows at the Elephant and Castle which seems to have been done in a similar fashion and is also two lanes in both directions.

    Old Street will have four or five light-controlled crossings for pedestrians, which might cause objections from some drivers. But it did seem to be working well today.

    Pedestrians will also have two Southern entrances on either side of City Road and a Northern one with a lift for those going to Moorfields \eye Hospital. As they will be connected by a subway, a lot of pedestrians will go nowhere near the roads.

    Comment by AnonW | August 31, 2021 | Reply

  4. While these plans include a lift from street to subway/ booking hall level longer term plans have mentioned reuse of old lift shafts to make Old Street Station accessible hopefully to both Northern and Great Northern levels . But as usual it’s a Matter of funding.

    Comment by Melvyn | August 31, 2021 | Reply

    • I think there are other factors at play in the provision of lifts at Old Street.

      1. It is the nearest station to Moorfields Eye Hospital and lifts would surely help those with limited visibility. Even though TfL are usually fairly good at helping those with limited visibility.

      2. The Northern City Line could be digitally signalled in a few years and there will be more trains into Moorgate.

      3. The Moorgate Lines could be handed over to TfL

      I also notice that in the Old Street Roundabout scheme bus stops have been moved. This could have been done to create a better route to the soon-to-be-fully step-free Moorgate station.

      I suspect, if you were in a wheelchair and wanted to go between Morden and Moorgate, I suspect that you might change to the buses at London Bridge or Moorgate in a year or so.

      Comment by AnonW | August 31, 2021 | Reply

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