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Let The Diving Under Begin!

The page on the Network Rail web site is entitled Network Rail Completes Major Signalling Work Near Peterborough Ready For Freight Trains To Begin Diving Under East Coast Main Line This Winter.

The Network Rail web page gives details of the innovative techniques used to build and insert the dive-under.

This Network Rail picture shows the dive-under going under the East Coast Main Line from the North East.

It certainly looks to be strongly constructed.

Freight Trains Through The Werrington Dive-Under

I have just counted the number of freight trains that would have used the route had it been open last Friday between 0600 and 2400.

It was twenty-seven trains or almost one train per hour (tph) in each direction.

  • How long will it be before the residents of Lincoln and the other towns and cities on the route start protesting about the noisy, smelly and polluting Class 66 locomotives, that haul most of these freight trains?
  • The long trains will also annoy drivers and residents at the many level crossings on the route.

Operators may not be able to do much about the train length, but they can start looking for some more environmentally-friendly locomotives, which could be hydrogen-powered.

At least there is funding for a lower-emission dual-dual-fuel locomotive, that I wrote about in Freightliner Secures Government Funding For Dual-Fuel Project.

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Railway To Hell To Be Electrified

This is the title of a serious article on Railway Gazette.

Hell is a village near to Trondheim in Norway and the railways around Trondheim are being electrified.

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Walking Under Old Street Roundabout – 4th September 2021

On Saturday, I walked under Old Street Roundabout from North to East.

Note the green line leading to Moorfields Eye Hospital.

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