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Battersea Power Station Station Opens

I took these pictures at Battersea Power Station station today, after it opened.


  1. Access between platform and train is level.
  2. There are a pair of up and down escalators between the platforms and the ticket hall level at both ends of the station.
  3. Three more escalators take you to and from the surface.
  4. There are lifts at both ends of the platforms.
  5. The tracks appear to have been laid with slab track.

Two things surprised me.

The first was the number of escalators and lifts, make me suspect, that the station  has been designed as a high capacity station.

There is also probably space to put another set of three escalators pointing the other way, at the other end of the intermediate level, away from the current set of three escalators, that lead to the surface.

The position of the station on Battersea Park Road. I had got the impression, it would be nearer the power station and the river. another set of escalators would explain my confusion.

This Google Map shows the wider Battersea site.


  1. This map is certainly a few months or even years old.
  2. Battersea Power Station is in the top-left corner of the map.
  3. There is a grey arrow, which is labelled Battersea Power Station Underground pointing to a site on the North side of Battersea Park Road.
  4. There are also two more grey arrows, which are labelled Battersea Power Station. Are these future entrances?
  5. Between the three arrows, is the massive station box, which in this image, hasn’t received its roof.

It looks to me, that what I saw, will be just a small fraction of the completed station.

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Moorgate To Battersea Power Station With A Change At Kennington

These pictures tell the story of my journey from Moorgate station  to Battersea Power Station station, with a change at Kennington station.


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A Memory Of Jimmy Greaves

I have many memories of seeing Greaves play, but i some ways one memory stands out, as I’ve never seen anybody else do anything similar.

As a game was approaching ninety minutes, Greaves was preparing to take an inswinging corner from the right, as he often did in his latter years at Tottenham.

But the referee blew for time.

Greaves then picked up the ball and bounced it in front of himself. He then kicked it in to the middle, hit the penalty spot and as he’d applied so much spin, the ball rolled into the goal.

I have never seen another player, who controlled the ball as well as Greaves.

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No Trains To And From Battersea Power Station Station Yet!

Looking at the trains through Goodge Street station at 06:25 and they’re all turning at Kennington station.

It could just be the information as the BBC has said trains are running!

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