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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Locomotive From Canadian Pacific To Roll Out Before 2022

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Hydrogen Fuel News.

This is said.

The hydrogen fuel cell locomotive consists of an SD40-2F, which was converted to run on H2 power and is therefore nicknamed the H2 0EL. The company is calling it a “hydrogen zero-emissions locomotive”, and it will be operating under its own power before the end of this month, according to Canadian Pacific CEO Keith Creel.

Note that the SD40 locomotive is a diesel-electric locomotive of which 1286 were built around 1970.

Canadian Pacific have made this video, which was kindly pointed out by Alan.

The video seems to indicate that the converted locomotive will be able to continue to do the same duties as the original diesels, which have a power output of 2,240 kW.

Interestingly, power output seems to be of the same order as that of a Class 66 locomotive, so could a similar conversion by used with these locomotives?

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  1. Simple little video from CP which shows the location of the fuel cells, hydrogen tanks and batteries.

    Comment by fammorris | December 11, 2021 | Reply

  2. Thanks!

    That’s a neat little video. Surely, we could do the same with a Class 66 locomotive?

    Comment by AnonW | December 11, 2021 | Reply

  3. I’m sure that carrying out a conversion is possible but I fear it’s a question of who finances it and which freight operator is prepared to accept an odd ball test vehicle into what is a commercial operation. CP are a big company, none of the UK operators truly have the critical mass to undertake an ambitious project like this.
    It occurs to me that there are a number of Class 60 locos that are in storage if anybody could address the practicalities.

    Comment by fammorris | December 11, 2021 | Reply

  4. Did you watch the video? The commentary says that there are 3,000 diesel locomotives in North America. How many possible conversions are there world-wide? There are lots of fleets, where there are a couple of hundred identical diesel locomotives. It could be big money for someone like Wabtec or perhaps Rolls-Royce MTU.

    Comment by AnonW | December 11, 2021 | Reply

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