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Are Vaccinators Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel?

Yesterday, the vaccinations given were as follows.

  • First – 3123
  • Second – 4871
  • Booster – 121439

Boosters still seem to be jabbing away, but first and second appear to have dropped off a cliff.

According to worldometer, the UK population is estimated at 68,411,061.

As 51,364,110 have had the first vaccination, that means that 17,046,951 or around 25 % of the UK population have not received any vaccination at all.

From this page on Statista, my rough estimate is that there are about twelve million in the UK under twelve.

I have used twelve as those over that age can be vaccinated according to this page on the NHS web site.

I suspect there are about five million in the UK or around seven percent of the over-12 UK population have not received any vaccination at all.

Are there that number of anti-vaxxers in the UK?

It now appears that I jumped the gun and the statistics were wrong.

This important data is not up to the quality I expect!

I suppose it is understandable as sums isn’t part of the PPE degree at Oxbridge.


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  1. The reality is that most of those unvaccinated will be immigrants and those that officially have no right or leave to remain. They don’t want to be caught by the authorities. The remainder will sadly be anti-vaxxers who still seem to be the ones suffering more than most at the moment. It’s very difficult to have any sympathy with those that continue to misinform not just themselves.

    Comment by Andrew Bruton | December 17, 2021 | Reply

  2. Some of them will be people who for some medical reason are unable to have vaccines, but this is not a live vaccine like polio or shingles, so there won’t be many of them. Certain children under 12 will have had them, for instance is they had had an organ transplant, or are having chemo.

    There are the antivaxxers, the pandemic deniers and the people who think they don’t need it because they are “fit and healthy” and they will be able to cure it with the right herbs if they get it. Or those who believe God will protect them.

    My friend’s son and his family haven’t had the vaccine and right now they are very very poorly with covid. They are refusing monoclonal antibodies, because they don’t think they need them, or they don’t think they work etc etc etc. They believe that pandemic is all a conspiracy, as Trump had implied, and that the 2019 election was fraudulent. These are very intelligent nice people, who have different views to many other people.

    Then there are the evangelical Christians who believe that only those who have prayed a special prayer will get to heaven and the rest will go to hell; and God is ridding the world of all the others in time for the 2nd coming of Jesus.

    I think I spend too much time on Facebook! But these are all reasons I have heard from people I know about they some people are choosing not to have the vaccine – my friends and family are all vaccinated.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | December 17, 2021 | Reply

    • I work (remotely) with a colleague who cannot be vaccinated in the UK (no doctor willing to take the risk) and is searching the world for a doctor who can develop a protocol and care package that will allow vaccination to take place while managing risks.

      But very much the exception, I suspect the list of “truly cannot” would be less than 500k in the UK.

      Comment by MilesT | December 18, 2021 | Reply

  3. The 7% does look quite a lot, but then they only started vaccinating children quite recently, and there are those [like one of my neighbours] who are on immuno- suppressant drugs.

    You can bet your life, and you literally will, that the brain dead anti-vaccers will be the same sociopaths who refuse to wear masks – increasing the chance they will catch Covid, the chance they will pass it on [to you] and the chance that should you need to go into hospital for something else they will be blocking a bed.

    Comment by R. Mark Clayton | December 17, 2021 | Reply

  4. Most of the difference will be children, where vaccine is not yet available or approved (although I know that children of US embassy staff have been vaccinated via the embassy rather than NHS).

    Lack of vaccination for children has the side impact that many families cannot travel to EU for holidays because unvaccinated children would need 10 day quarantine, which very much defeats the benefit of a holiday.

    Comment by MilesT | December 18, 2021 | Reply

  5. Unfortunately my analysis is a bit suspect as the government put up wrong figures first.

    Comment by AnonW | December 18, 2021 | Reply

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