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Leicester Station – 4th Jan 2022

Leicester station has a Grade II Listed frontage.


  1. It is an impressive Victorian station.
  2. The station building is on a bridge over the tracks.
  3. The station is also on one of the main roads through Leicester.
  4. The road layout is very complicated.

This 3D Google Map, shows an aerial view of the station.


  1. There four platforms, which are numbered 1-4 from the left.
  2. The expresses between London and Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield use the two middle tracks.
  3. Other main line and East-West services  use the outside platforms.
  4. There is an avoiding line for freight services.

This second 3D Google Map, shows an enlargement of the frontage of the station.

There are plans to increase the capacity of the station.

A fifth platform will be added.

Three miles of quadruple track will be be built South of the station.

The Midland Main Line is also to be electrified.

This second set of pictures shows the platforms at Leicester station.


  1. The tunnels under the road and the station entrance.
  2. They are not very large.
  3. There are five tracks.

It is going to be a tight squeeze to electrify under the bridge.

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Midland Main Line Electrification – 4th Jan 2022

I took these pictures from the train today, as I went to Leicester.


  1. We overtook the Class 360 train to Corby, just before it left the main line at Kettering North junction.
  2. Once past Kettering North junction, the Midland Main Line is only two tracks as far as Leicester station.
  3. A lot of the gantries on the two slow lines seem tall.
  4. At least twenty gantries had been installed North of the junction.

Some of the new gantries looked to be lighter than those South of the junction, but then they are only supporting electrification for two tracks, rather than four.

This Google Map shows the junction.

In this section, my train overtook the train to Corby.

  • The track going North-West goes to Leicester.
  • The track going North-East goes to Corby.
  • The track going South goes to Kettering.
  • It looks like to the West of the Midland Main Line is a large electricity sub-station.

In the tenth of my pictures you can see the three vertical poles opposite the sub-station, which can be picked out in the map.


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