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Deutsche Bahn Puts Passengers On Alstom Battery-Electric Trains

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on

This is the introductory paragraph.

French manufacturer Alstom and Deutsche Bahn are now taking passengers onboard Alstom’s first fully approved electric train since this weekend in Baden-Württemberg. Further testing will start in Bavaria on 5 February and run throughout early May on all routes.

This paragraph describes where the train will be running.

On weekdays the battery-powered train will run in Baden-Württemberg on the Stuttgart – Horb line and Saturdays and Sundays, on the Pleinfeld – Gunzenhausen line in the Franconian Lake District. Alstom said this arrangement would maximise the train’s mileage while testing a variety of route profiles and battery charging scenarios. For example, while in Baden-Württemberg, charging occurs during the ongoing journey via overhead lines, in Bavaria, charging can only take place at stations, as the route in between is not electrified.

The article gives the impression that Alstom have ambitious plans for battery-electric and hydrogen trains in Germany.

This is confirmed by this press release on the Alstom web site, where this is a paragraph.

While Alstom’s hydrogen trains are optimised for longer routes, Alstom’s BEMUs are suitable for shorter routes or lines with non-electrified sections previously operated with diesel vehicles. Direct connections between electrified and non-electrified network sections are now possible and can be operated emission free, without the need of additional electrification – shortening the travel time between city and country.

It appears Alstom will be developing both types of trains.

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  1. Isn’t it strange if you’d written the post 2 years ago you’d have needed to say how well Bombardier were doing.
    Travelling between Stuttgart and Gunzenhausen wiil put a few miles on it.
    Pleinfeld to Gunzenhausen is one of those nice short forgotten lines which presumably was easy enough to set up with the charging stations at each end. They’re also under no timetable pressure, seems normal service is every 2 hours on a Sunday.
    Should have run the trial in summer, the lake it passes looks rather inviting

    Comment by fammorris | January 23, 2022 | Reply

    • I thought it might be a line worth riding.

      There are now several places I might want to visit in Germany. I suspect I might take off in March and visit some of these places. I can always stay in an excellent affordable hotel, I’ve found in Munich.

      Comment by AnonW | January 23, 2022 | Reply

      • I have always found German hotels good value and at least you can always confirm the price of your room as it’s an obligation to display its max cost, normally in the wardrobe. I once visited Innotrans in Berlin and being late booking I ended up staying in a hotel themed for young children – slightly strange experience.
        Railway Gazette had an article last year about a RENFE allocating a railcar to a project to prove hydrogen fuel cells.
        Well by this time next year the Civia dmu should be running and you may have a reason to go to Spain and Portugal.

        Comment by fammorris | January 24, 2022

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