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Energy3 – A Thermal Energy Storage System Providing Heating, Hot Water And Electricity

This article on Current News is entitled BEIS Unveils Nearly £7m Long Duration Energy Storage Funding.

One of the ideas, that has received funding is Energy3, which is an idea from the University of Edinburgh.

This is the introductory paragraph on the home page.

Renewable energy sourced from the sun, wind, waves, or tides is clean and secure. Unfortunately, the energy that can be extracted from renewables and the demand for it varies both temporally and spatially. To allow a household to be fully reliant on renewables or for grid operators to use a high proportion of renewable energy, storage is essential.

The University has developed a storage system based on heat, that is charged by using low-cost electricity. This heat can then be delivered during the day as heat, hot water and electricity.

Two sizes are available.

  • mUHTS – A small cubic metre size, which is ideal for the average house.
  • megaUHTS – A container sized  system, which is aimed at a business.

They can also build bigger systems to replace thermal power stations.

This is a very interesting concept and I can see other similar systems being developed, by companies all over the world.

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