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Elizabeth Line – Custom House Station – 24th May 2022

I took these pictures at Custom House station on the Elizabeth Line.


  1. The station was built in a factory and the concrete beams were assembled on-site. Traditionally, the concrete structure would have been poured on site.
  2. The quality of the columns is excellent and an engineer I spoke to a few years ago, said that the methods used at Custom House station ensure a high quality building. Look at the last two pictures.
  3. The two escalators are in-line, rather than side-by-side and it looks like this was done to squeeze in the station.
  4. There were signs up for toilets, that are visible in picture 4. Are they going to be installed?

The ideas used to create Custom House station, will be borrowed by architects and builders all over the world.

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  1. Obviously I missed the memo…
    As I was hoping to see the automatic shunting out of one platform and return on the opposite face of the island platform at Abbey Wood.
    But noticed a concrete wall severing the rails and a station entrance at this lower street level.
    I spoke with a driver – ‘not this end’ he said, but this automatic facility will be at the Paddington end.

    So the 5 minute headway will remain at AW come full service and a driver can walk the length of the train in that time before departure, but I should have asked him if driver step back would be operated here.

    Comment by Dave | May 25, 2022 | Reply

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