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Purple Roundels Are Coming

I took these pictures at Custom House station this morning.

The purple roundels for the Elizabeth Line are starting to appear.

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Custom House DLR Station Reopens – 10th January 2017

Custon House  DLR station has now reopened and trains are now stopping again.

As the pictures show, there is still a fair bit of work to do.

I’m curious, as to what the structure on top of the station is for.

At the moment, it’s just a framework of steel beams, but is it for retail or a ticket office for either Crossrail or Excel.

Crossrail’s information on the design of the station is non-existent.,


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Crossrail Around Custom House Station – 15th August 2017

I took these pictures of Crossrail, as I rode between Prince Regent and Canning Town stations on the Docklands Light Railway.

Custom House station is scheduled to reopen in late December 2017.

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Custom House Station – 26th January 2017

Custom House station will close on the DLR on February 3rd until late December 2017, so I went to take some pictures to see how far the builders have got.

It would appear that not to much has changed since I last visited and wrote this post called Custom House Station – 24th July 2016.

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Custom House Station – 24th July 2016

I took these pictures at Custom House station.

The pictures also show a work-train entering the tunnel and the Crossrail track alongside the DLR until near the Connaught Tunnel.

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The North End Of The Connaught Tunnel

The Connaught Tunnel takes Crossrail under the Royal Docks.

If you take the DLR to the East from Custom House station, you can see the North End of the tunnel.

The track is there and I suspect fairly soon, we’ll be seeing overhead wires going up.

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Custom House Station – 20th March 2016

Progress at Custom House station.

It’s certainly going to be an impressive entrance to Crosrail from the Excel.

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Making Tracks For Crossrail At Custom House Station

The track laying is well under-way at Custom House station for Crossrail.

It certainly seems that there are signs of progress, all over the place.

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Custom House Station – 29th July 2015

More progress at Custom House station.

It does look that they’re starting to lay the railway on the London-bound track.

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Custom House Station – 5th July 2015

Custom House station has been progressing and now even has some glass in the windows.

You can also see that the Crossrail trains will go either side of the central building. It now appears that this is the preferred way to design a new station.

At Custom House station it will mean that passengers arriving at the station from Excel or on the DLR, would appear to go to the same platform, which will have two faces; one for Central London and one for Kent.

When you consider that London Underground deep-level stations since the 1930s have been designed this way with a central platform, it puzzles me, why we have such uninspiring recent station designs like the Thameslink platforms at St. Pancras.

Where you have a two-track railway, the layout must be more affordable, as you only need one set of lifts/escalators/stairs and other services.

On the other hand, you need a bridge over the tracks or a subway beneath them, where the railway is on the surface. Obviously in some places the geography of the area, will make this easier. For example if a station is in a cutting or there is a road bridge.

At Custom House a large proportion of passengers will arrive at First Floor level either from Excel or after taking a short escalator up from the DLR, so there will only need to be access from the street up to the First Floor circulation area, from where I took these pictures. At present the DLR uses steps and a lift. I’m sure the completed station will use an elegant solution with probably escalators instead of stairs.

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