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The Mayor Of London Is Pruning The North London Bus Network Again

Sadiq Khan is proposing to cut these bus routes.

  • 4 – Archway and Blackfriars – North London
  • 11 – Fulham Town Hall and Appold Street – North London
  • 12 – Oxford Circus Stn / Margaret Street and Dulwich Library – Cross-River
  • 14 – Putney Heath and Russell Square – North London
  • 16 – Mora Road and Victoria Bus Station – North London
  • 24 – Grosvenor Road and Royal Free Hospital – North London
  • 31 – White City Bus Station and Baynham Street – North London
  • 45 – Newington Causeway and Atkins Road / New Park Road – South London
  • 72 – Brunel Road and Hammersmith Bridge Road – North London
  • 74 – Putney Exchange and Baker Street – North London
  • 78 -Shoreditch High Street Station and St Mary’s Road – Cross-River
  • 242 – Aldgate Station and Homerton Hospital – North London
  • 349 – Glyn Road and Rookwood Road – North London
  • 521 – Waterloo Station and London Bridge Station – North London
  • C3 – Clapham Junction Station / Falcon Road  Warwick Road Tesco – Cross-River
  • D7 – All Saints Church and Mile End Station – North London


  1. The 74 is one of the recommended ways to get to Zoo.
  2. The 242 is my preferred method to get between Dalston and the excellent Homerton Hospital.
  3. The 349 is probably important to the Jewish Community in Stamford Hill.
  4. 521 appears to be a very good link between the two terminal stations. Especially, if you have a heavy case or a baby in a buggy.
  5. I have judged whether a bus is North London, South London or Cross-River from TfL’s maps of each route.

I suspect others will have their own objections.

These are my totals.

  • North London – 12
  • South London – 1
  • Cross-River – 3

These are definitely the cuts that would be imposed by someone with their roots firmly in the South, who feels that there is no valid reason to cross the Thames.

But then with these cuts, he won’t get complaints from South Londoners.


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  1. C3: Earl’s Court, Tesco – Clapham Junction largely replicates the London Overground service between Clapham Junction and Brompton Road stations with the District Line connection to Earls Court. It used to be a useful alternative when London Overground let me down on a few occasions and must be of great use to people with limited income. Shame to think it might disappear.

    Comment by fammorris | June 1, 2022 | Reply

    • My Labour MP is rather unhappy about the local cutting of the 21 bus. I suspect, it fills her InBox.

      Comment by AnonW | June 1, 2022 | Reply

  2. The fact that the cuts are concentrated in North London might have something to do with there being fewer alternative Tube journeys south of the river. You might have mentioned the financial squeeze the government is imposing on TfL which is leading to reductions in bus services.

    Comment by JohnC | June 2, 2022 | Reply

    • I also didn’t mention Sadiq Khan’s fare freeze or bribe that he used to get elected.

      I also believe that all Central London politicians are responsible for the late opening of Crossrail, as they gave so many planning permissions for new and refurbished developments along the route, without planning the workforce needed. Consequently, Crossrail was late, as it was raided for workers by al the other developments.

      Comment by AnonW | June 2, 2022 | Reply

      • I thought that all politicians were in favour of bribes that they use to get elected. A fares freeze may have flown in the face of economic reality caused by George Osborne’s budgetary cuts, I just wonder how many more passengers would have abandoned the bus if London had replicated the fares structure in the provinces. The minimum single fare around here is £2.65 and rising to get anywhere worthwhile; I think it’s set at flat rate of £1.50 in London.

        Comment by fammorris | June 4, 2022

      • Unfortunately, planning departments are not allowed to reject planning applications for macroeconomic or microeconomic reasons. Attempts to put too much “politics” into a planning decision tend to see the decision appealed upwards (to GLA and/or Planning inspectorate and/or Secretary of State).

        Yes, if the land was in the ownership of TfL GLA, etc. there there would be control of what could be built, e.g. overstation developments but such developments tend to generate the funds towards the project there is great pressure to approve them as part of project funding. Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t

        Comment by MilesT | June 10, 2022

  3. A couple of notes:
    – The 24 supposedly holds the record for the longest-unchanged route in London.
    – The 74 hasn’t gone to the zoo in a long time. It was split into the 74 and the 274 at least a decade ago, maybe even last millenium!

    Comment by tops | June 3, 2022 | Reply

  4. Parliamentary Petition to stop the 4% Bus mileage cut in London (Bus Review, mandated by Central Government)

    Comment by MilesT | June 10, 2022 | Reply

  5. […] The Mayor Of London Is Pruning The North London Bus Network Again, I pointed out Sadiq Khan’s lopsided pruning of the London bus […]

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