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Extending The Elizabeth Line – Will There Be A Need For Long Distance Class 345 Train?

I wrote Crossrail To Heathrow, Reading And Southend in August 2017.

This was a section in that post.

The Long Distance Class 345 Train

Adding Oxford and/or Southend to Crossrail services, may need a sub-class of Class 345 train to be created, due to the length of the journey. Toilets would be the obvious addition.

As an example, the safeguarded Reading and Gravesend service would be eighty-three miles.

  • A Reading and Paddington service takes fifty-seven minutes for the thirty-six miles.
  • At that speed Reading and Gravesend would take two hours and eleven minutes.
  • Even Reading and Shenfield will will take only nine minutes less than two hours.

Will all passengers be able to hold on for these lengths of time?

100 mph Capability

Greater Anglia’s Class 720 trains are 100 mph trains, but their sisters on the Elizabeth Line are only 90 mph trains.

So if the trains are to work perhaps to Gravesend, Oxford or Southend would a 100 mph capability be needed?


If the Elizabeth Line is extended, there may be a need for trains to be updated.

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