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Form Energy And The UK

This article on the Telegraph, which is entitled Britain Will Soon Have A Glut Of Cheap Power, And World-Leading Batteries To Store It, is proving to be a mine of information about the development of the UK Power Network.

Reliable information about US startup; Form Energy has been hard to find.

But the Telegraph article has these three paragraphs on Form Energy.

Form Energy in Boston – backed by Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates – is working on an iron-air “rust” battery based on the reversible oxidation of iron pellets. It does not require rare and polluting minerals such as vanadium, and will have a 100-hour range.

“The modules will produce electricity for one-tenth the cost of any technology available today for grid storage,” the company told Recharge.

Form Energy has been working with National Grid to map out the economics of UK renewables with storage, and how to cope with future curtailment. And it too praises the UK as a global trailblazer, though its pilot project next year will be in Minnesota.


  1. Iron certainly, isn’t an exotic material.
  2. A hundred hour range is claimed.
  3. If National Grid have been working with Form Energy, is it reasonable to assume, that they have been working with Highview Power?
  4. Good to see that Form Energy praises the UK as a global trailblazer. I have noted several times, that the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy seems to be well-advised.

Will National Grid put in one of Form Energy’s batteries? It would be a prudent thing to do, to make sure you get the best.

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  1. This maybe a good idea and it might not be but the reality is long term storage is absolutely front, back and centre for a net zero grid so its needs a solution. So if we are serious about net zero we have to treat it like we did with Covid immunisation and just scatter gun any technology that looks half viable with research funding to get and answer one way or another as quickly as possible.

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | July 31, 2022 | Reply

    • Form Energy is America’s big hope and doesn’t lack for any technical or monetary backing.

      I feel that there will be a shoot-out at the heavy end and the contenders will be Highview Power, Form Energy and Energy Dome.

      But not everybody wants a 30 GWh system and others will dominate other markets.

      Comment by AnonW | July 31, 2022 | Reply

  2. What is a 100 hour range? If it means a vehicle then the weight of the iron (it’s dense) would make a Lada (1970’s “car” with cast iron block tractor engine) seem like a spritely performer…

    Comment by R. Mark Clayton | July 31, 2022 | Reply

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