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To Abbey Wood For An Ice Cream

Yesterday, I went to Abbey Wood station to see what was there.

If you continue along the Elizabeth Line platforms, you come to a ground level step-free entrance to the platforms. So I used this route and found a rather nice shop, where I had a proper ice cream.

We need more proper ice cream outlets in London.


Abbey Wood station is probably the best access point for one of London’s best tourist attractions; Crossness. I visited Crossness during Open House and wrote about it in Open House – Crossness.

These are some pictures I took in 2012.

Crossness should be on everyone’s bucket list. The site is now managed by the Crossness Engines Trust.

But getting there by public transport is not easy.

In my view what is needed is either a shuttle bus from Abbey Wood station or perhaps modification to an existing route, so that it calls at Crossness.

The Joining Up Of The Elizabeth Line

I asked a station guy, when the three sections of the Elizabeth Line would be joined up.

He gave me a straight answer – The 6th of November.

This is twelve Sundays from today.



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  1. I visited Crossness recently with my 8 yo son. On my own, I would have walked it (it’s not that far, really, but not the most pleasant of walks). Taxi was the obvious option, as recommended by Crossness on their website.

    It would be nice if the Crossness Engines Trust could hire in a heritage Routemaster for their open days, though (a few Sundays per month, surely possible), for an extra fee (especially since the Rang Railway is currently out of action). Or maybe tie up with an EV maker to run a taxi shuttle to promote EVs, or even BYD to promote electric buses (I wonder if any of the current BYD/Dennis single deckers could be dispatched to cover the route, or are the depots too far away; might need Thames Water to install a rapid charger in their staff carpark which is available to Crossness visitors on open days.

    Comment by MilesT | August 16, 2022 | Reply

  2. I think that as Wrightbus has just launched, what they claim are the most efficient battery and hydrogen single-deckers, they might be a better bet.

    I also think, that the Thames Clippers might eventually extend from Barking Riverside further down the River to some of the housing estates on the South Bank. A stop at Thamesmead and Crossness might be possible.

    Barking Riverside is designed to support an extension over or under the river. I believe the best design would be a single-track railway running in a loop on the South Bank. This loop could serve Crossness, East Thamesmead, Abbey Wood and West Thamesmead.

    All would be single-platform stations, accessed by lifts and escalators or stairs.

    Electrification would be 25 KVAC overhead, to satisfy the ORR’s ban on any more third-rail electrification.
    There are a lot of possibilities.

    Comment by AnonW | August 16, 2022 | Reply

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