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Bombora Wraps Tank Trials Of Its Floating Hybrid Energy Platform

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on

This is the introductory paragraph.

Bombora Wave Power has completed tank testing of its floating foundation system suitable for the InSPIRE solution, which combines the mWave wave energy technology with a wind turbine onto a single floating offshore platform.

This second paragraph gives details of the power output of the hybrid energy platform.

The tank testing program at FloWave follows the pre-FEED phase of the InSPIRE project completed earlier in 2022, based on the integration of a 4MW mWave solution with a 10MW wind turbine on a single semi-submersible floating foundation system.

4 MW seems a worthwhile increase in power, that can probably be handled by the existing cables and substations.


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The Rolls-Royce SMR Web Site

Rolls-Royce now have a web site for their proposed small modular reactor (SMR) design.

This page is entitled Why Rolls-Royce SMR?, has this outline of the reactor program.

Rolls-Royce SMR offers a radically different approach to delivering nuclear power, we have drastically reduced the amount of construction activities and transformed the delivery environment, from a large complex infrastructure programme into a factory built commoditised product.

Our design has evolved in response to a definitive set of market driven outcomes, this is not technology for technology’s sake, but innovation, to create a transformational clean energy solution that will deliver clean affordable energy for all.

This would appear to be an approach driven by proven engineering principles and excellence, good low-risk design, backed up by the best project management.

These are all traditions inherent in the Rolls-Royce DNA.

But I also believe that Rolls-Royce have looked at the world market for nuclear reactors and designed a product to fit that market.

This paragraph is in a long section entitled Global & Scalable.

The compact footprint increases site flexibility and maximises potential plant locations, including replacement for existing coal or gas-fired plants.

Many things said on the Rolls-Royce SMR Web Site, appear to be very much market led.

In my view, this is the web site of a product designed to dominate the world market for nuclear energy.

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ITOCHU, Taisei Corporation And Mineral Carbonation International Announce Collaboration

This collaboration is reported in this article on Market Screener, which is entitled ITOCHU : Announces Collaboration With Taisei Corporation In Initiative With MCi Testing Uses Of Concrete From Calcium Carbonate With Mineral Carbonation.

This paragraph described MCi’s mineral carbonation technologies.

MCi is a company that has pursued fifteen years of research and development into mineral carbonation and possesses the technology to produce a range of low carbon embodied materials including calcium carbonate by carbonating minerals in slag and other by-products of the steelmaking process (mainly steelmaking slag), coal ash produced by thermal power plants, and other industrial waste materials containing magnesium or calcium (mine tailings: by-products from the collection of metals and ore).

It also appears that ITOCHU invested in MCi last year.

I have read the whole article and I suggest that this collaboration could grow into something very big.

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To Abbey Wood For An Ice Cream

Yesterday, I went to Abbey Wood station to see what was there.

If you continue along the Elizabeth Line platforms, you come to a ground level step-free entrance to the platforms. So I used this route and found a rather nice shop, where I had a proper ice cream.

We need more proper ice cream outlets in London.


Abbey Wood station is probably the best access point for one of London’s best tourist attractions; Crossness. I visited Crossness during Open House and wrote about it in Open House – Crossness.

These are some pictures I took in 2012.

Crossness should be on everyone’s bucket list. The site is now managed by the Crossness Engines Trust.

But getting there by public transport is not easy.

In my view what is needed is either a shuttle bus from Abbey Wood station or perhaps modification to an existing route, so that it calls at Crossness.

The Joining Up Of The Elizabeth Line

I asked a station guy, when the three sections of the Elizabeth Line would be joined up.

He gave me a straight answer – The 6th of November.

This is twelve Sundays from today.



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