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An Expedition To Muswell Hill To Get Some Lovely Liver

After my plea in Need To Regularly Eat A Large Plate Of Calves’ Liver, I got a recommendation to try The Cilicia at Muswell Hill.

It was delicious and just what my body wanted. The liver had been cooked in sage butter with tomatoes, mushrooms and potatoes.

I shall return!

The only problem is that Dalston and Muswell Hill is not the easiest journey to make by public transport.

My route was as follows.

  • I took by taking a 141 bus from close to my house to Manor House station.
  • I then got a Piccadilly Line train to Turnpike Lane station.
  • From there it was a 144 bus to Muswell Hill Broadway.

It took about 45 minutes.

But it might be quicker to take a 102 bus from Bounds Green station.

Or go to the Angel Islington and get a 43 bus from there to Muswell Hill Broadway.

But my route could all have been so different.

This map shows the Muswell Hill branch which was closed by British Rail and has since been mainly built over.

The Muswell Hill branch would have been part of the comprehensive Northern Heights Plan.

  • The Northern Line would have been extended from Edgware to Bushey Heath.
  • The Mill Hill East branch would have been extended to Edgware.
  • If you look at the maps in Wikipedia, the Northern Line would be very different through London.
  • The Muswell Hill branch would have given better access to the magnificent Alexandra Palace.

But Austerity after World War II meant the extension never happened.

I can see a case could be made for some parts of the Northern Heights plan, but it is too late now, as viaducts have been demolished and routes have been built over.

My feeling is that if there was a need for the Northern Heights plan in the 1930s, then as London has expanded, that need will need to be fulfilled in the future.

So when Austerity hits as it did after World War II and as it is happening now due to Covid-19 and Vlad’s war in Ukraine, we should make sure we don’t compromise our plans for the future.

I believe that with a small amount of safeguarding in the 1960s, the Northern Line would now have a useful branch to Alexandra Palace and Muswell Hill.

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  1. We had calves liver tonight from our local butcher and very nice it was too. The butcher vacuum packed portions so that we have put it in the freezer.
    My wife is diabetic and was convinced it will be good for her.
    I meant to tell you that there’s a place probably 2 miles from where you live where they do calves liver
    then there’s Il Bordello in Wapping and although it’s a bit of a trek Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill, N21 2RT, which I think you know
    Like you there is always regret that the Northern Line is an unfinished project, but in my case it was the southern end of the line that remains a chance not taken. My parents told me of travelling to Morden in the 1930s and travelling on to see my father’s sister near Sutton with the talk of the line being extended to Sutton or alternatively Ewell. As you say by the 1950s the chance was lost.

    Comment by fammorris | November 19, 2022 | Reply

    • Thanks! The Punto Restaurant is by where our first GP’s surgery was. He delivered me.

      The Canonbury Restaurant is not far from where I live now.

      Has your wife been tested for coeliac disease, as it’s quite common people have both? Doctors often find the diabetes first. It’s only a blood test these days and my granddaughter was tested a year ago. She wasn’t bothered at all.

      Comment by AnonW | November 19, 2022 | Reply

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