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Along The Golden Mile

London used to have a Golden Mile in Brentford, which used to be a string of Art Deco buildings.

As the pictures show, a lot of them have gone and been replaced with modern buildings.

The Brentford Branch Line

You can clearly see where the Brentford Branch Line terminated to the right of Currys and the footbridge.

Hounslow Council is proposing to reopen the branch line and Wikipedia says this.

n April 2017, it was proposed that the line could reopen to allow a new link between Southall to Hounslow and possibly down to the planned Old Oak Common station with a new station in Brentford called Brentford Golden Mile. [5][6] The proposals suggest the service could be operated by Great Western Railway and could be open by 2020 with a new service from Southall to Hounslow and possible later to Old Oak Common.


This map from shows the lines.

This Google Map shows the area.


  1. The old track of the railway by Currys PC World and the footbridge over the Great West Road.
  2. The Hounslow Loop Line going across the South-East corner of the map.
  3. I’m not sure that a connection between the two lines would be a practical proposition.

Surely though, there is a better way to connect the Golden Mile to Old Oak Common!

The Brentford Branch Line connects to Crossrail at Southall station.

If the connection was fully step-free, then the Brentford Branch Line would have an easy connection to all of Crossrail’s stations, including Old Oak Common and Heathrow.



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Kew Bridge Station And The New Brentford Stadium Site

I went to Kew Bridge station to see if anything could be seen of the new Brentford Community Stadium site.

You can’t see much of the stadium, but to my mind you could make the station a lot more attractive.

Look at this Google Map of the station and the Southern part of the stadium site.

Kew Bridge Station

Kew Bridge Station


  • The stadium is proposed to be on the northern part of the cleared site backing on to the northern side of the triangular junction, of which two of the lines meet at the station.
  • The South-Eastern part of the site will be mainly residential.
  • The closeness of the London Museum of Water and Steam and the River Thames to the station.
  • In Transport for London’s plans for the Gospel Oak to Barking Line, extension to Houslow via the Dudding Hill Line and this junction is a distinct possibility.
  • The platforms at Kew Bridge station are very long.
  • If trains were ever to be restored to the northern side of the junction, a station begind the stadium could be connected to Kew Bridge station by lineside walkways.
  • If trains were ever to be restored to the eastern side of the junction, they could serve Kew Bridge station.
  • The Kew Bridge station  building is Grade 2 Listed.

I think that even an average architect could make Kew Bridge station, a superb gateway to the stadium and the other developments.

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Brentford’s New Stadium Is A Step Nearer

This article in the Construction Enquirer is entitled Go-ahead for Brentford FC stadium and 650 homes.

The article describes how detailed planning permission has been secured and that given the result of a Public Enquiry is settled, construction will be completed for Brentford to move in at the start of the 2018-19 season.

The new stadium will have a capacity 20,000 as opposed to 12,300 for Griffin Park.

This Google Map shows the new stadium’s location in Lionel Road South.

Brentford's New Stadium

Brentford’s New Stadium

Most of the site and all of the stadium are within the triangle of rail lines above Kew Bridge station, which is at the bottom of the map. The M4 Motorway curves round the North side of the site.

Maps from the club, show that the stadium lies alongside the railway line at the top of the triangle.

This Google Map shows an enlargement of just the area of the development.

Enlarged Map Of Site

Enlarged Map Of Site

This line goes between Brentford and South Acton stations, although there are currently no passenger services, but there have been services in the last twenty years. It should be noted though that Transport for London have thought about using this line to extend the London Overground to Hounslow station.

Having met one of TfL’s property experts, I feel that they would be amenable to plans to use the air space above the line.

The line at the bottom of the triangle is the Hounslow Loop Line, where Kew Bridge station is very convenient for the ground.

The triangle is completed by a curve that connects the North London Line to the Hounslow Loop Line.

It should also be noted that at the eastern edge of the main map is Gunnersbury station, which along with Kew Bridge station is one of the proposed ways to get to the stadium.

I do wonder, if TfL’s ambitions for the London Overground, would be heklped by a station on the line at the top of the triangle.

On a first look, it looks like a good attempt to squeeze a football stadium into West London.

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Abramovitch Shows His True Feelings About Frank Lampard

I’m half-watching Chelsea beating Brentford and when Frank Lampard left the field to a standing ovation from most Chelski supporters, after scoring a goal, the television cameras showed the look on Abramovitch’s face.

He showed no emotion at all!

Compare that with the Brentford Chairman, Greg Dyke’s enthusiasm this morning on the radio.

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We’re All Brentford Supporters Now

Brentford visit Chelski in their FA Cup fourth round replay today.  I doubt, there is too many, who want Chelski to win. Greg Dyke, the Brentford Chairman, said on Radio 5, that even Chelski supporters want Brentford to win, as that would hasten the departure of the manager they hate.

I doubt that I’ll be watching, as it will probably be too painful to watch, as I can’t see Chelski making the same mistake twice.

But here’s hoping!

If Brentford should win, then it will be West London’s turn to party after the Olympics in East London last year.

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