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Will Sky Ever Broadcast A Freeview Sports Channel?

Yesterday, Sky held the rights to both the Cricket World Cup Final and The British Grand Prix.

But in the end Sky shared the coverage of both events with Channel 4!

Now that both events have successfully concluded, Sky will have the details of the following.

  • Number of viewers.
  • Advertising revenue on both Sky and Channel 4.
  • Reaction from politicians, some of whom are not very pleased with Sky.

This will enable the company to decide, whether it is in the company’s interest to do it again.

  • I can also see a scenario, where if a Sky Freeview channel exists, that sports would want to do promotional deals to get their sport in front of viewers, by perhaps having the top level on satellite and lower levels on Freeview.
  • Sky uses a lot of repeats on its Sports Channels at Off Peak times.
  • Freeview technology will also be allowing more channels.
  • Sky must be a bit worried about competition from other broadcasters woth bottomless pockets.

I don’t think we can rule anything out, as Sky are an innovative and ambitious broadcaster.


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A Presentation By David Rose At The Duke Of Wellington

David Rose is one of the most important people in the history of British television and film drama.

Tonight he gave a fascinating and insightful presentation of his work at the Duke of Wellington in the Balls Pond Road.

I remember him in some ways for the work he did in the 1960s with Z-Cars and Softly-Softly. Did Z-Cars and the music scene in Liverpool in some way influence me to go to University in that city?  If it did, David is worth a big thank-you, as I’ve often said that Liverpool made me. I did of course meet C there, although she was fairly local to me in North London.

His later work for the BBC in the 1970s, was not something I remember very much, as it was the time, when we were bringing up the kids and working hard, so we didn’t watch television very much.

If David’s presentation turns up at a venue near you, it is very much worthwhile seeing.

I just wish, I’d seen more of the plays and films he has produced.  Sadly, it would appear that copies don’t exist of all of them, due to the BBC’s policy of reusing videotapes.

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Channel 4 Sacks John McCririck

Channel 4 has sacked John McCririck, one of their horse racing team. He blames ageism in this report on the BBC.

I’m not bothered one way or another if he appears on Channel 4 Racing, as he can be almost as irritating as the adverts that appear on the channel.

I’ve spoken to him a couple of times and although his views can be outspoken, I’ve never found him anything but charming and courteous. In fact a friend was interviewed by him, for their screen test for television and found he put them totally at ease.

I have a feeling that McCririck will appear elsewhere on television and/or radio, as his knowledge of horse racing is undoubtedly at the highest level.

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NBC Treats Paralympics With Contempt

Two of the UK’s broadsheets; The Times and The Telegraph, have turned their ire this morning on to the American broadcaster NBC,  for its appalling coverage of the Paralympic Games.  read the report in The Telegraph here.

I know I’m not watching the Paralympics live, as I don’t watch channels with adverts, unless it’s an important sporting event, that I’m interested in. But I am following the Games on BBC Radio 5 Live and television news reports.

I could cynically suggest that no-one in America would advertise in the breaks of the Paralympics, as it might give your organisation the wrong image. But I don’t know the facts.

Here in the UK, all the major channels have back-up digital channels, like BBC with BBC3 and BBC4 and Channel 4 with More4 and E4, which they use to compliment their major coverage, so can’t NBC put the Paralympics on a back-up free-to-air digital channel or is America so sophisticated that it doesn’t have an equivalent of our Freeview.

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After Ruining Horse Racing and Cricket Coverage, are Channel 4 Now Doing It With Athletics?

I have not watched any of Channel 4’s coverage of the World Athletics Championships in Daegu, and it seems according to this article in the Guardian, I’m not missing much, by listening on the radio. 

They try too hard to make sure they get the advertisers, that they ruin the product. They did this with horseracing and now it has been dumbed down so much I don’t watch.

In the end, there is only two ways to show quality sport; either-free-to-air without advertising or by subscription.  I know Sky has adverts and they can be irritating, but their presenters are generally professional.  Comparing Sky coverage of the Champions League, with that of ITV, is much more than a matter of chalk and cheese.

We won’t have to worry for long though, as events like the Athletics World Championship will be available on a quality basis over the Internet in the near future for a fee. And hopefully for a fee that has two levels; one with advertising and one without.

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Big Brother

I didn’t know that the odious Big Brother was still going, but whilst looking for something to see on my Sky+ box, I saw it listed on Channel 4.

I really think that my life has been improved by forgetting to watch it! In the past, I’ve often watched the first program to see what freaks they’ve dragged up this time.  But I didn’t even do that this year!

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Dubai’s Annoying Adverts on Channel 4 Racing

The title says it all.  They are so annoying and fully justify my rule of not watching any programme with adverts unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I’ve just created this poll to see how they work.

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